Knowing How to Fix a Toilet Starts With Knowing the Parts

When the household toilet stops working, most people call a plumbing service before doing anything else. A broken toilet is definitely a cause for concern, but telling an associate at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas a few more details can lead to a quicker and more convenient resolution. By learning the names of some of the basic parts inside a standard household commode, you can communicate with more accuracy. Sometimes knowing how to fix a toilet starts with knowing the names of the affected parts.

What Is Inside That Tank?

If you do not know how to fix a toilet, then you may not be familiar with the parts inside. The parts you can easily see from the top include the following:

  • Trip lever
  • Lift rods
  • Float ball
  • Float arm
  • Refill tube

The outside handle is connected to the trip lever inside the tank. This long arm extends across the length of the tank and has a few holes punched in the other end. One of these holes will support a series of connected lift rods. When the trip lever is raised, the lift rods elevate the toilet tank ball. This activates the flushing action.

Near the tank ball you will spot an overflow tube, the ballcock tube, and a smaller refill tube running above them. The refill tube allows fresh water to flow into the tank. Opposite the flush lever, towards the right hand side, you can see the float ball. This is connected to a long narrow float arm, which extends back towards the left side of the tank. As water refills the tank the float ball rises. The float arm eventually shuts off the flow of water by nudging a trigger at the top of the ballcock. The flushing action has completed.

Call a Plumber if you Have Concerns

If you cannot tell at a glance how to fix a toilet, calling Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas is the right choice. Contact us.