The Advantages of Plumbing with Accuracy

A small leak can make a big mess if not taken care of immediately. A clogged drain can mean poor hygiene. When you call a plumber, you want to be sure they are accurately and quickly identifying the source of your problem – and then repairing it right away. Doing so can mean the difference between minimal damage and replacing entire floors or ceilings. Plumbing camera inspections in San Antonio are just one way we at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas can effectively repair your system.

The Root of the Problem

Before any repairs can be made, it is imperative that plumbers can pinpoint what caused your issues. Your home may have pipes literally all around it – under the foundation, in the walls and in the ceiling. There are several ways a plumber can ensure accuracy, like using plumbing camera inspections. A camera actually goes into pipes to identify the source of a clog or where the pipe has sprung a leak. Accurate detection is vital for several reasons:

  • Location identification. Warm, wet spots on your walls actually could be a result of a leak under your foundation. Slab leak detection can identify where your pipes failed.
  • Treating the problem. Having accuracy means correctly fixing the problem right away instead of troubleshooting until a solution is found.
  • Preventing future issues. A camera inspection may identify other potential problems that can be quickly addressed.

To find plumbers who can quickly and accurately address your needs, consider Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas. Our specialists are highly trained to fix your plumbing issues. Contact us today.