Getting to the Root of the Problem

The Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas  team gets a lot of service calls in springtime. Spring is the season when the growing roots of trees start to interfere with household plumbing, especially the pipes that feed basement water lines, showers, and bathtubs. These small roots can spell big trouble for your plumbing if they are not promptly addressed.

A new solution to an old problem

Removing seasonal root growth can be done with long rooter tools. A long hose is fed through the blocked pipe and blades at the end are turned to cut away the root growth. This is the technique that generations of plumbing clients in San Antonio have depended on. Though the rooter snake is a time-tested tool, the use of a plumbing camera can actually increase its effectiveness.

Plumbing camera inspections in San Antonio begin with the insertion of a long camera tube down into the blocked pipe. The operator uses the video screen the guide the camera along the pipe to identify precisely where the roots are located.

Precision rooting

Once the plumber has located the root blockage, the rooter snake can be inserted to the right position and activated. Both the plumber and the client can see how the blades are removing the root growth. In just minutes the pipe will be clear.

Plumbing camera inspections can make the process of clearing roots faster and will help deliver more thorough results. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas is proud to offer this hi-tech solution to our customers in the Dallas area and beyond.