Adequate Water Filtration Lacking in Some California Schools

Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas we understand quality water is more than just about taste. Proper water filtration provides safer drinking water. Recent water studies in California showed that an alarming number of communities have less than safe drinking water. In particular, a number of California schools were found to have arsenic-tainted water coming out of drinking fountains and classroom taps.

The Solution for Tainted and Poor Quality Water

Removing the source of water contamination is essential, but unfortunately is not always possible. The solution to poor quality water is often as simple as installing water filtration systems, as is being done at a number of the aforementioned California schools. The contaminants found in tap water are commonly well above the legal standards set by the government, and decreasing these levels may take a considerable amount of time. Some point to bottled water as a potential solution to tap water problems, but bottled water is expensive and can vary considerably in quality from one provider to the next.

How Filtration Works

Water filters remove the sediments, chemicals, gases and biological contaminants commonly found in municipal water sources. In addition to removing these potentially harmful contaminants, water filtration systems use activated carbon and other materials to enhance the taste and clarity of water. We install and service our customers’ filtration systems to ensure dependable, great tasting, and healthy water supplies.

The Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas Team is Here to Help

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