How Does Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Work?

Most people mistakenly assume domestic water is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Although the EPA does set national standards for water quality and requires quarterly reports, the agency leaves monitoring the water’s quality to states and municipalities. Bottled water is subject to even less oversight and regulation. Reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration systems from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Dallas help ensure the water that comes out of your household taps is safe and healthy to drink.

The Science of an RO Filtration System

In the normal osmosis process, a liquid with a low concentration of particles tends to flow naturally into a liquid with a dense composition. In an RO system, the process is reversed by forcing the water under pressure through an ultra-thin membrane, countering the natural osmotic pressure to produce clean and virtually pure water.

Reverse osmosis filters are among the most effective systems available for purifying the water your family drinks and cooks with each day. They’re commonly used by water utilities around the world to remove effluent materials from municipal water supplies and are even used to turn seawater into drinking water.

How Effective Are RO Systems?

RO systems typically include multiple filters, including sediment filters to trap larger particles and activated carbon filters to help kill bacteria and improve the water’s odor and taste. The entire system is housed in a compact unit. A whole-house RO filtration system allows you to enjoy fresh, clean water throughout your home.

Reverse osmosis systems are effective in removing most contaminants from your water, including arsenic, lead, chlorine and radium. They strain out pesticides and nitrates from the water you drink and bathe in as well as microscopic bacteria.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas, all of our plumbing services are designed to improve the quality of your life at home. Our expert Dallas plumbers at Benjamin Franklin can install an RO water filtration system for your home which will improve the taste and safety of the water your family uses every day. To learn more about water filtration systems or to schedule an installation, call us today at (972) 895-7775.