Water Treatment Services

Are you worried about what’s in your water? You’re not alone. While most of the drinking water is safe in the United States, it’s important to ensure that you’re doing your part in ensuring your water is safe, healthy, and great tasting – regardless of the faucet it’s coming out of.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, our plumbers provide homeowners with the essential water treatment services that are needed to ensure your family has access to the best quality of water possible in the home – this includes the installation, repair, and maintenance of water softeners, purifiers, whole-home filtration systems, and more.

What is Water Treatment?

Water treatment is the act of filtering your water, removing impurities, and improving the taste, appearance, and quality. Even though the EPA has a strict set of regulations that must be followed when it comes to public water sources, many homeowners choose to have their home’s plumbing system outfitted with additional water treatment systems for extra peace of mind and overall better water.

Improving the Overall Quality of Your Home’s Water

It’s no secret that tap water is full of chemicals, heavy metals, and other impurities that can be harmful to your health. But getting a water filtration system installed in your home isn’t just good for your family’s health – it can also help improve the quality of your daily life and protect your plumbing system from potentially damaging mineral build-up.

Once the treatment equipment is installed, you’ll notice a near-instant difference in the taste, smell, and overall appearance of your water. Every household faces different water problems, but we’re confident that additional treatment can help you get one step closer to a cleaner, more refreshing drink.

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Water Treatment Services Provided

Throughout our years of business, we’ve stepped foot into countless homes and have encountered countless home water problems.

There are several different types of filters and purification systems on the market, and while some are better at removing certain contaminants than others, they all contribute to a better overall quality of water coming from your faucets. You can also have whole-house filters or point-of-use filters installed depending on where you want your filtration to occur – at the source or just before use.

Water Softener Installation & Replacement

Water softeners use a complex process to remove commonly found minerals from your water, helping you reduce the chance of dealing with hard water problems like spotted dishes or dry skin after showers. It’s placed at the point of entry, so all the water that enters your home is softened.

The Benefits of a Water Softener

Water softeners are not only great for the skin, but they’re great for those weekly chores like washing dishes, doing laundry, and more:

  • Softer skin & hair
  • Less soap needed
  • Decrease in scale & scum buildup
  • Fewer dish stains
  • Softer and cleaner-looking clothes
  • Improves taste of water
  • Saves money

Water Purifier Installation & Replacement

Water purifiers are a common type of water treatment used less for feel and quality and more for safety, peace of mind, and health. You can have a water purifier installed virtually anywhere in the plumbing line before the point of exit to act as an extra shield of protection against chlorine, bacteria, and more.

The Benefits of a Water Purifier

Just like you would imagine, water purifiers purify your water and:

  • Remove dangerous contaminants
  • Improve taste of water
  • Remove heavy metals
  • Provide added health benefits

Whole House Water Filter Installation & Replacement

While a purifier can virtually be added to every sink in the home, a more cost-effective solution is installing a whole house water filter. This makes it so clean filtered water is available from every sink and faucet, ensuring healthier drinking water, bathwater, shower water, and more.

The Benefits of Water Filtration

Aside from the convenience, many benefits come with having a whole home water filtration system added to your home’s water system:

  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fewer water impurities
  • Water tastes and smells better

We’ve Partnered with Brita Pro®, Industry Leader in Water Treatment Systems!

To give you a better whole home water filtration system, we’ve partnered with the leader in water filtration systems, Brita, by providing you with a home water treatment system that goes beyond your drinking water, ensuring all impurities are removed from all the water your family uses.

Brita PRO®’s system can ensure this consistent water quality level by utilizing a filter specifically designed with your home’s current water quality in mind. The system is installed near your water’s main point of entry into your home, allowing you to experience clean water from any room in the house.

When you invest in a Brita PRO® whole home water filtration system installed by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®, you know that your water is going to be pure and safe to use at a moment’s notice – and your money will be well spent.

Why Choose Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for Your Water Treatment Needs?

While our team is dedicated to making sure your system is flowing the way it should, we’re also here to make sure your home’s water quality is the best it can be through professional service:

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From our friendly and screened plumbers to our industry-leading guarantees and warranties, we’re dedicated to putting your happiness first and foremost during every service. We respect your time, provide honest prices, and leave your home without a trace.

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UWIN Guarantee

Our UWIN Guarantee is an exclusive resource offered to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing customers that offer extra peace of mind both during and after your service. This means that our contractors undergo the latest technical training and, at all times, carry the proper insurance and do their best to deliver the best customer experience possible.

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