A clogged drain is one of the most common problems experienced by homeowners across the globe. Homeowners that don’t tend to take special care of their drains suffer from their neglect later down the line in the form of regret. Here we take a look at the causes behind clogged drains that will require the assistance of a professional plumber for drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA. Now that you will know the reasons behind a clogged drain, you can actually start implementing methods to stop your drains from being clogged.


The drain present in your shower or tub goes through a lot of stress and strain when it comes to your routine. These drains go through a lot of powerful abuse from various lotions, soaps, and hair. While anyone of these could present good substance for a clog, they combine together in the form of a big ball of mess and eventually make a clog that is impossible to remove without professional help.

Since you are actually using soap and lotions, and are maybe cutting hair in the bathroom as well; there isn’t a lot that can be done here to stop the drain from clogging. However, one thing you can do to maintain a clog-free drain is to have a mesh screen over the drain and to keep it safe from hair. Clogged drains inside the shower contain many other suspects as well, besides hair – including covers of razor blades and kids’ toys. We could guarantee you of finding either one of the two items mentioned above in a clogged d


The bathroom sink is often the primary shaving site for everyone. Since the bathroom sink is easily accessible, and you don’t need to submerge yourself in water, it comes across as a good shaving spot. However, the downsides of this mean that the drain for the sink is often prone to clogs more often than not. Shaving creams, soap, and hair from the main entries in a bathroom sink clog. Since shaving cream act as a sticky substance between hair and soap, there are cases where clogs in the drain for bathroom sinks take some time to clear. It requires a lot of effort from the plumber looking after it.

Moreover, there is also the odd chance of your cat wreaking havoc in the drain for your bathroom sink. Once your cat thinks that the bathroom sink is a giant freeway bowling alley for it, you can vouch for things going haywire. Cats really cannot stop themselves from being cats, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you see toothpaste caps, cotton swabs, and hairpins in the drain, because your cat isn’t really fond of sitting idle on the sink.


Now, regardless of how much plumbers try to tell people that toilets aren’t garbage cans, people cannot get the hang of this. Many people consider toilets as no better than garbage cans and throw almost everything in there. The usual suspects when it comes to a clogged toilet drain include baby wipes, ladies’ personal products, and waste paper. Sometimes, you might even find a toothbrush or a toy creating a problem here. While there isn’t anything of substance that you can do about the cases mentioned above, you really can stop your toilet drain from clogging by following the right methods. If you keep the lid for your toilet down and don’t consider your toilet a garbage can, then you can eventually reduce the clogging problems that you have inside there.


The kitchen sink is another area of the house that is in need of drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA, because of the neglect that people show towards it. Kitchen sinks often tend to host a lot of crap including grease and food debris that can accumulate over time to form a clog.

Now, while the kitchen sink may experience some drainage issues over time, the worst reason for it is to have food debris going down there. Once you are done with your food, make sure that you put the used cutlery inside the sink, only after you have thrown away all food debris somewhere else. The used cutlery shouldn’t have any solid waste remaining from the food you have just had. Even if it does, you should dispose of it off somewhere else, rather than dumping it down the kitchen drain.

If your drain keeps giving you troubles day in and out, you will soon find out that the problem isn’t with how you use your drain or your lifestyle, but it is with the way the drain is built. Certain drains are built in a peculiar fashion and might even be subject to crushed pipes, tree roots, or an improperly graded trench line.

Although we have had a thorough look at items that can clog your drain, we have made another list of these items to help you with drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA.

  • Grease: Grease tends to form a gooey, sticky material if it is continuously poured down the drain.

  • Hair: Do we even have to say anything more?

  • Vegetable Peels: Obviously, these can form big problems in kitchen sinks.

  • Food Scraps: Food scraps can accumulate with the grease you have under your kitchen sink to make a clog that is hard to counter.

  • Baby Wipes: Well yeah, some wipes are advertised as sewer system safe, but they aren’t really that safe, to be honest.

  • Cotton: All kinds of cotton balls and swabs can have a devastating impact.

  • Children’s Toys: Having children in the house can often mean a lot of drainage problems since they keep throwing their toys down there.

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