Clogged drains are fast becoming one of the most common problems associated with your plumbing in Paso Robles, CA. Although your drain can get clogged due to minor issues, neglect towards the problem can eventually result in the problem becoming even worse. Since drain clogs are common in most homes, we will discuss the things that often lead to them.

We asked plumbers that come for drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA about the common issues that they see inside drains, responsible for the clog. Not only did they give us a list of common things that more often than not result in a clog within the drain, but they also told us about preventive measures that can be taken.

Stop throwing the following things in your drain, and get a drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA as soon as possible, before the problem gets aggravated.


Clots of hair are by far the biggest culprits when it comes to drain clogs. Homeowners don’t really think of the repercussions when they throw clots of hair collected from their combs or brushes down the drain. The thing about hair is that it can mesh up with other sticky substances to create a very hard clot that can block a drain.

The only way that homeowners can deal with a clog caused by hair going into the drain is to have a drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA. The drain cleaning service will clear the drain of all particles and meshes of hair, and would make it suitable for further use. However for the future, they can work towards ensuring that the problem doesn’t occur at all. Homeowners can place guards in all drains to catch hair before they can create a clog.


You might wonder how soap from baths could clog the bathroom’s drain, but at the end of the day, soap does have sources of grease and fat in it. The grease and fat inside soaps usually mixes up with the minerals present inside water to create a hard residue that is often known as soap scum. This residue makes for a very sticky mixture that can clog your drains. To clear this mess, you would have to go for drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA from an experienced plumber.

However, going into the future you can opt for soap-free washes or baths. Since soap can be a major cause of clogged drains, think of an alternative and fit it into your bathing routine.


Homeowners often believe that their pipes and drains can wash anything away and they don’t really have to worry about what they dispose of in there. This is a very flawed belief, one that many professional experts would advise against. Experts doing drain cleaning in Paso Roble,s CA have mentioned that dirt deposited down the drain can often accumulate and cause a major clog.

The best way to avoid this accumulation of dirt would be to clear away the dirt from your clothes and other washables before you step into the bath. Keep repeating this procedure at all times to ensure that there is no accumulation of dirt inside your drains. With the right tactics, you may be able to avoid it.


One of the major reasons behind the need for drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA is food waste inside the drains. Often times by mistake or by intention, homeowners dump their leftovers down the drain. This might seem like the easy way out for most homeowners, but it really isn’t. Dumping your food leftovers down the drain does not only sound lazy, but it also leads towards a clog inside the drain.

Wastes like coffee grounds and tea leaves don’t really break down easily, which is why you shouldn’t throw them down the drain. Once inside the drain, they tend to stay there for a long time and accumulate with other wastages to create a clog. Clearing this clog requires drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA and you would have to bear extensive costs. The best way to avoid such an occurrence is to avoid throwing food wastes altogether. Try ordering from outside or cooking what you know you can finish, and don’t dump your solid wastes inside the drains.


Plumbers that perform drain cleaning jobs in Paso Robles, CA have reported finding small household objects to be responsible for drain clogs in your drain. These small objects range from hair clips to small children's plastic toys. Not only do these objects go and create a solid accumulation, but it is extremely difficult for the plumber to clear such solid wastes without breaking into the drain.

The only way to avoid solid wastes from going inside your drain is to avoid doing so. Tell your children to refrain from throwing wastes down the drain and make sure that you’re also following the tips. Don’t throw objects like hair clips, combs, and strands of hair down the drain. Doing so can make an accumulation of solid items that will eventually clog your drain. Also have a strict eye on children, because they are the usual suspects here. Do watch over them and keep telling them not to throw any solid objects into the dump. With proper care, you can stop clogs from happening. This means you need to keep an eye on your kids at all times.


The toilet paper roll, when the paper on it finishes, is supposed to be disposed of in the garbage and not thrown inside the drain. Throwing off toilet paper rolls in the drain would call for a drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA from an experienced professional. You should maintain proper care here and should throw the roll somewhere in the garbage, and not inside the drain.

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