How to Install a New Toilet Seat

Installing the New Seat

If you’ve just moved into a new home, you’re likely keen to make it all your own. For a clean, fresh start, take a look at your new bathroom. You’ll want to scrub out the cabinet shelves and toiletry holders. You may find decals in the bathtub that are now dingy and unsanitary. Along with a thoroughly cleaning, you’ll want to find out how to install a new toilet seat.

Finding a New Toilet Seat

Installing a new toilet seat is easy but do make sure that you get the right shape seat for your toilet. Generally, toilet seats are either round- or oval-shaped (or elongated) and they are not interchangeable.

Toilet seats come in a standard size, so you should be able to find a replacement in any discount store or home improvement center. Prices range widely depending on the materials, but a new toilet seat is certainly one of the most cost-effective upgrades to your bathroom.

Required tools

Everyday hand tools are all you need to replace the toilet seat:

  1. Flat head screwdriver

  2. Adjustable wrench

  3. Pliers

  4. WD40

Removing the Old Seat

To remove the existing toilet seat. pop up the cover over the hinge at the back of the seat. This hinge attaches the seat to the bowl. You’ll find large bolts under the cover. The nuts for these are located on the underside.

Remove the bolts. You can use pliers or a wrench to hold the nut in place while unscrewing the bolt with the screwdriver.

WD40 or any other type of lubricating oil will help loosen any bolts that won’t budge.

Remove the bolts, nuts, and old seat from the bowl.

Prep before installation

After removing the old seat, you’ll have your best opportunity to give the toilet bowl a thorough cleaning. Standard bathroom cleaners will help remove any dirt or debris, and cleaning vinegar can help remove any limescale or rust.

Installing the New Seat

Remove any packaging from your new seat and place it on the bowl. Align the bolt holes in the seat hinge with the ones on the bowl.

Reach under the bowl and hold the nut in place while hand-tightening the bolt with your other hand from the top. Repeat on the other side.

Holding the seat in alignment, tighten both bolts with the screwdriver to tighten the bolts in place.

Fresh Start

A new home is an exciting time, but your to-do list may grow longer than you can manage. You may decide to replace the crusty old faucets or even the entire toilet. When your list becomes unmanageable or the projects become too complex, it may be time to call an experienced plumber in Nashville.

If your to-do list becomes to unwieldy, make an appointment today with the pros at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Nashville. We can help you wrap up that list for a fresh start in your new home.