What to Expect from Your Local Plumber

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Not all plumbers are equal, but sometimes it’s hard to tell a good plumber from a not-so-good one. When you hire a plumber in Nashville, here are a few things you should expect.

License and Insurance

Would you believe some plumbers practice without a license? If you hire a local Joe, make sure you ask for proof of license and insurance. Otherwise, you risk hiring a person who damages your home, knows little about plumbing, and leaves you footing the bill for repairs.

A fully licensed, insured plumber is the bare minimum you should expect from a Nashville plumber.

Reputable Service

Be sure to look into a prospective plumber’s reputation before you let them into your home. Check Google reviews and similar sites for ratings from former customers. If the plumber is reputable, reviews will show it.


Many service industries have poor reputations when it comes to punctuality. You should expect more. The best plumbers show up on time because your time is valuable, too. Tardiness and cancelations show a lack of respect.

Clear, Straightforward Pricing

Your final bill shouldn’t be a surprise. A great local plumber will explain all of your options and include upfront pricing, so you know what to expect. If a plumber tries to confuse you with technical jargon or refuses to name a total cost, it’s time to choose someone else.

Immediate Repairs

Some plumbers like to show up, diagnose a problem, and then leave without solving the problem. They say they need to order a part, head back to the office for a certain tool, or simply ran out of time to fix the problem that day.

A good plumber won’t waste your time and money. While some complicated repairs may require a call-back, most plumbing issues can be resolved on the spot. You don’t have time to wait around, so find a plumber you can trust to do the job right the first time.

Award-Winning Plumbing Service

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Nashville is honored to be a recipient of the BBB Torch Award in the medium business category! Learn more about the Nashville Torch Award given by the Better Business Bureau.

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