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How to Prevent Mold in Your Home

Mold on a wall

Keep Your Home Ventilated

Mold thrives in damp conditions. This is why it’s a good idea to keep your home properly ventilated at all times. Open your windows at least once a day, even in the winter months, to prevent condensation from forming. Investing in an air conditioning unit can also reduce the chances of mold developing in your home. A/C units control humidity, which prevents mold growth.

Fix Plumbing Leaks

This is one of the most important ways to prevent mold in your home. Plumbing leaks can cause moisture to develop and cause mold to grow on walls and other surfaces. If you have leaky pipes in your home, call in a professional plumber immediately. A professional like Benjamin Franklin can fix a pipe leak in a speedy time frame and limit potential mold damage. Fixing the problem early could save you hundreds of dollars in repair fees in the future.

Invest in a Plumbing Protection Plan

Taking preventative steps to control moisture in your home can stop mold from becoming a problem. Investing in a plumbing protection plan, for example, will allow you to maintain your home plumbing system over time. A professional will inspect your system on a regular basis and fix plumbing problems before they get worse.

Benjamin Franklin has a plumbing protection plan that incorporates emergency repairs and regular plumbing inspections. It could save you a great deal of cash.

Mold is more than just a nuisance. In some cases, it can make you sick and cause various health conditions. Keeping your home ventilated, fixing leaky pipes, and investing in a plumbing protection plan, however, will prevent mold from growing at all.

Want to prevent mold in your home? Contact Benjamin Franklin right now and discover our cost-effective plumbing protection plan.