Summer Water Activities for Kids

kids in pool with sunglasses on

The summertime brings the heat, but there’s nothing better than water activities to keep the kids cool during the summer. There are tons of fun summer water activities for kids worth trying. Yet, some outshine the rest. Here are a few summer water activities you can use:

1. Beach Ball Battle

Beach ball battle only requires a big beach ball and each kid to have some sort of water gun. Just create two teams that have an equal amount of participants on each side.

The beach ball should be placed in the center of the pool. Each side must use only their guns to try and knock the ball past the team to score a point. Kids can also play this fun water activity on the grass, but the pool is more suitable.

2. Sprinkler Dash

Sprinkler dash requires a sprinkler toy or a sprinkler system. You can have any number of participants in this outdoor game, too. The goal of the game is for the kids to run and jump over the sprinklers without getting wet.

Arrange your sprinklers in a row like a hurdle training course and have one kid control the sprinkler valve. The kid controlling the sprinkler valve should turn on the water fast enough to soak their opponent. The opponent must run the course and jump over the sprinklers without getting soaked. The kid who stays in the game the longest without getting wet wins.

3. Liquid Limbo

This kid-friendly summer water game is like limbo, but instead of using a stick, you just use water from a garden hose. One kid can hold the garden hose so that a constant stream of water shoots out far enough for the other kids to limbo under. And just like regular limbo, the person who can get the lowest is the winner.

Final Thoughts

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