6 Ways to Save Water While Landscaping

watering garden

According to the EPA, an average family’s water use increases from 320 gallons per day to nearly 1,000 gallons during summertime. The biggest reason for this spike in water use during warmer months relates to wasting water on landscaping. So, if you’re looking for easy ways to save water this summer, making small adjustments to your landscaping maintenance is a great place to start.

1. Water Your Lawn in the Early Morning or Evening

If you choose to water your lawn or landscaping, the morning is the best time to do so because it’s cool enough that the water won’t evaporate too quickly. The cooler temperature also helps to prevent your plants from becoming shocked by the sudden introduction of cold water.

2. Evaluate Your Watering Routine

Don’t get into the habit of watering your landscaping every day, whether your plants need it or not. A better approach is to only water your plants when they need water! If your grass bounces back after you step on it, chances are, it doesn’t need to be watered.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that your grass simply won’t be as lush and green during the hottest months of the year. Some yellowing is natural and doesn’t mean that your grass is dying—it’s simply responding to the heat.

3. Let Your Grass Grow a Little Longer

By letting your lawn grow longer than usual in the warmer months, your grass will be more resistant to drought. Longer grass is also more effective at holding moisture, so you can worry less about evaporation.

4. Collect Rainwater for Landscaping

If you must water your garden, setting up a water collection device to catch rainwater is an eco-friendly option to save water. You can collect water streams off your roof by placing the barrel underneath the gutter’s downspout. Opt for rain barrels that are specifically designed to be resistant to mosquitoes to provide you with a safe and sustainable solution to watering your outdoor plants.

5. Sweep Away Debris

Sweep driveways, sidewalks, porches and decks instead of spraying them with hose water to rinse away dust and debris. When it comes time to landscape, consider using block retaining walls, edging plants, stones, or other decorative plants and materials that can help keep mulch and soil contained to your yard and garden beds.

6. Wash Your Car with a Bucket Instead of a Hose

Instead of running a constant flow of water, stick with a bucket of water to clean your car. Or, treat yourself to a car wash that uses recycled water.

Making adjustments to save water responsibly is not only a good idea for your wallet, but also for the environment. Making just a few small adjustments to your watering routine can go a long way toward reducing evaporation or unnecessary watering sessions. Plus, the less water wasted on landscaping projects, the more you can use for summertime fun—like water balloon fights!

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