Goddard Kansas Sewer Line Repair: Nothing Happens (Until It Does)

Goddard is a quiet suburb of Wichita, and the people who live there say that is exactly the way they like it. Nothing very much ever happens in Goddard. Local residents claim to like it that way: a nice, calm Kansas suburb – a great place for kids and family. Nothing happens in Goddard…

That is, of course, unless you are hit by a sewer line failure, such as a blockage – or worse, it breaks. Then that suddenly becomes a headache of major proportions.


Because you – the homeowner – are liable to get it fixed. Many people think that if there is a sewer failure it is the responsibility of the city, but nothing could be further from the truth. Certainly, if the sewer line out in the street or on the highway becomes blocked, then it is down to the city to have it fixed, but all of that part of the sewer which is on, or under, your land belongs to you and the city won’t do anything at all.

Sewer Line Maintenance Program in Goddard and Wichita

Fortunately for you, at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Wichita we carry out every type of sewer replacement or repair that you will ever need. However, what is a great idea and has been taken up by many of the smart folk in Goddard is our sewer line maintenance program. The idea is to prevent any problems from arising in the first place. We come out on a regular basis and undertake a sewer line cleaning and also send a TV camera down there to inspect it and check for any potential faults. This is a far better way to prevent the need for Goddard, Kansas, sewer line repairs than waiting until after the problem has happened.

We can install, repair, or replace your sewer line clean-out. Wichita City code says you must have a clean-out installed so that your sewer line can be cleaned if it becomes blocked. When you need Goddard, Kansas, sewer line repairs we also have powerful sewer machines that have a variety of different cutting heads that we can use to cut out those tree roots. Tree roots are actually the number one cause of blocked sewer lines.

We can also repair or replace all or any old sewers, and if you wish to install new sewer lines we can do so using trenchless sewer replacement which saves having your beautiful landscaped yard dug up.

Furthermore, if you are planning on adding an extension or a pool and you don’t know where the sewer line runs, we have a locator which can accurately find the line and also how deep it is.

So for all Goddard, Kansas, sewer line repairs call Ben Franklin and we’ll keep everything flowing smoothly for you.