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How to Stop Groaning or Creaking Pipes

Nothing is worse than drifting off to sleep at night only to be awakened by an angry-sounding plumbing system. Groaning and creaking in pipes is a common issue that homeowners have to deal with, but the good news is that there are plenty of easy DIY tricks you can use to keep your pipes from creaking.

By taking time to understand what’s causing the creaks in your pipes, you can quickly assess the issue and reach a resolution.

When all else fails, you can always seek assistance from a plumbing professional to get your groaning pipes back under control.

What Causes Groaning & Creaking in Pipes?

There are a number of reasons that pipes can begin groaning or creaking. The most common issue is a hammering or banging noise that erupts from your pipes. This is almost always caused by a “water hammer,” or a strong momentum of water that makes pipes rattle. Other problems that can arise include:

  • Loosening pipe straps
  • Expanding pipes
  • Clogged or dirty water heater drains

While noisy pipes are never a good sign for your plumbing system, sometimes the noisiness can be resolved with a few simple tricks that any homeowner can do.

4 Ways to Stop Groaning or Creaking Pipes

When noisy pipes are giving you and your family a headache, the first call doesn’t always have to be to a knowledgeable plumbing professional (although, we highly recommend it — especially if noisy pipes aren’t the only symptom you’re experiencing). Sometimes all that’s needed is a little patience, a can-do attitude, and a simple DIY trick. The following four tips can help you keep the noise down in your plumbing system:

  • Install a Hammer Arrestor: Like we mentioned before, a water hammer is one of the most common causes for noisiness in pipes. To prevent this in your home, you can install a hammer arrestor where the shut-off valves are located in your system. This way, when the water turns off, the arrestor will compress and absorb the rush of water to quiet your pipes.
  • Tighten or Add Pipe Straps: As time goes by, your pipe straps will inevitably loosen, allowing pipes to creak and moan as your water temperature fluctuates. Combat the creaks by either adding additional straps or tightening the existing ones to keep pipes secure.
  • Replace Old Pipe Mounts: When you run hot water through your pipes, they can start to expand, leading them to bang against your pipe mounts. If this is happening in your home, you can easily solve the problem by installing plastic pipe clamps that enable expansion without the loud moaning.
  • Drain Your Water Heater: If your water heater contains obstructions or lime build-up, the result can leave you with loud, annoying pipes. Draining your water heater will require a different process depending on the make and model unit you have installed; however, you’ll typically need to turn the water supply off to the heater, open the tap, and drain the excess material from the system.

The next time noisy pipes are disturbing the peace in your home, try these simple tips to save on an appointment with your local plumbing professional.

When to Contact a Plumbing Professional

When all else fails and you’ve tried all the DIY hacks you can handle, you can always seek expert assistance from the team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our team has years of experience quieting noisy pipes for homeowners.

Contact our team to schedule service and get the quiet back in your house today!