If you are considering installing mirrors in your bathroom, you might want to check out all of your options before you commit to one mirror. Here are some of the types of mirrors available in the market and their likely uses and advantages in a bathroom.

Vanity Mirrors

You can never go wrong with vanity mirrors, especially if you apply makeup every day or have skincare or beauty regiments to follow at night. Vanity mirrors are small, hinged and are often used simply for makeup. They are situated on what is called pedestals.

You can set these down or fix these on to your dresses in the bathroom to use when you start your everyday bathroom routine. Vanity mirrors are extremely useful for shaving and makeup purposes because you can see your face up close.

If you have trouble with applying your eyeliner correctly, plucking your eyebrows or even shaving your beard safely, you should consider adding these to your bathroom vanity.

The magnifying effect of the vanity glass can help you spot every pore and hair, especially useful if your eyesight is weak.

If you think this is a suitable or useful option for your lifestyle, you should call for professionals, like plumbers, to come and set these up in your home.

Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are great for those who want a bit of variety in their bathroom interior design style. The frames in these mirrors come in a number of shapes, sizes, and designs. You can oval frames, rectangular carved frames, and even gold-tinted frames.

Each frame can be used to fit into your individual style. These are extremely popular and are often used in bathrooms in offices, commercial venues, home bathrooms and even spas.

Since framed mirrors are cheap and widely available, you should consider getting them installed in your bathrooms. You can pick out any kind you like, from ornate gilt frames to plain, egg-shell white frames.

Medicine Cabinet Mirrors

Medicine cabinet mirrors are extremely common and most professionals like glass repairmen and plumbers often recommend them to families since they are excellent at storing necessary medicines, soaps and cleaning supplies.

Medicine cabinet mirrors function as mirrors as well as storage options so they are extremely popular, as they serve a two-in-one function.

Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirrors are great options for those who do not simply want basic, plain options for their rooms or even a bathroom’s interior design. Venetian bathroom mirrors are grand and have intricate designs etched onto the glass. The designs can elevate your bathroom’s overall tone.

If you want a bit more flair in your bathroom’s interior design, you might consider installing a Venetian mirror. These are often stylish, beautiful and can help jazz up the place.

If you are into feminine styles or especially if you have a daughter, you can use the effect of the framed mirror to make your little princess’s room that much more royal and pristine.

Frameless Mirrors

If you do not want a gilt frame or even a normal kind of frame, don’t worry there are simpler options available in the Richmond market.

If you have a simplistic, modern style in mind, you should simply get a frameless mirror that doesn’t have the extra features and reflects your vision for the bathroom. Frameless mirrors are more economical as well since they consist of mirrors with buffed edges.

It’s a simple, clear-cut cut mirror look that fulfills the purpose of the minimalist style of the bathroom. If you feel like this kind of mirror will reflect your personality, you should go ahead and order it.

Pivot Mirrors

Now, some of you may not want a simple hanging mirror that is stuck to or bolted to the wall. You might want a little more flexibility, you might want to check your entire appearance or check a stain on your shirt close-up.

Any framed or frameless mirror will not allow you to have that flexibility and neither will a vanity mirror. What you need for this purpose is a pivot mirror. Pivot mirrors are fitted with two hinged points and can be tilted and moved to check anything you want at any position and at any point.

Extension Mirrors

If you want even more flexibility than what pivot mirrors will allow, you should install an extension mirror. Extension mirrors can be pulled out and retracted when they are needed.

You can use them to see up-close when you are applying makeup, flossing, shaving or even applying creams. Extension mirrors can be used alongside other mirrors, as well.

Lighted Mirrors

Lighted mirrors are great for bathroom vanities as they make it easier for you to check your face or see clearly when you are applying makeup. Lighted mirrors often have built-in lighting that is usually used for modern vanity purposes.

If you want a mini-glam room in your house, you would be delighted to have a lighted mirror that will make your makeup and beauty routine that much easier and give your bathroom a chic aesthetic.

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