Clogging within the pipes is one of the most common household plumbing issues that a plumber’s services are acquired to deal with. A professional plumber will tell you that not all waste is meant to go down the drain. There are things that qualify for that, and then there are things that should never be thrown down the drain. It is important that you know the difference between them. Let’s go over the most common things that people often make the mistake of shoving down the drain, which then ends up clogging the pipes.

Fruit Peels and Rinds

Yes, fruit peels and rinds, ladies and gentlemen; they top our list of the troublemakers. Many of us like to overestimate the powers of our garbage disposal units. Well, fruit peels and rinds are just too tough for them. So, the first thing you can do to avoid clogs in your kitchen drains is to be cautious about what you put through the garbage disposal. Many of you good folks might be confused as to what constitutes too tough a fruit skin for the garbage disposal. Well, a good rule of thumb to go by is to avoid dumping any fruit skin that you wouldn’t eat.

Starches and Fibrous Foods

This may surprise those of you who have been dumping all the leftover food down the garbage disposal.  Apparently, fibrous and starchy food items such as corn, celery, potato, onion skins, artichokes, etc., go on to expand once they’re inside the disposal. As a result, they end up warping around the motor blades, damaging it and causing a backup.

Many homeowners have even sent down full platters of mashed potatoes down the drain as well. This becomes a pasty substance that the plumber will later take out to clear the clogged pipes. It is better if you try the trash bin for such items from now on.

Grease, Oil and Other Fats

Oil, grease and all sorts of fats tend to coat the inside of your pipes and turn into sludge.  Over time, grease buildup will constrict the size of the pipe and prevent the water from draining properly.

A better way to deal with the greasy oil is to store it in a container and allow it to congeal. You can then dispose of it in the trash bin later.

The same applies to the toilets as well. It will make a lot more sense if you look at your plumbing pipes as a network of arteries. The oil and grease that you dump into these pipes will congeal inside and block the arteries (pipes). When that happens, you will require the services of a professional plumber to unclog the proverbial arteries.

Cotton Swabs, Sanitary Pads, and Feminine Products

Let there be no doubt in your mind about these products. They may sound harmless and seem like they belong in the toilet, but they don’t. These are often the cause behind the clogs in many homes. So stop flushing these down the drain and dispose of them in the trash bin.

Wipes and Cosmetic Material

Although, a lot of these products come with a claim that they can be flushed down the toilets. However, a professional plumber would advise you otherwise. Do not fall for these claims; anything other than the human waste and toilet paper has to be disposed of in another way. Even if these can get through the drainage system, they will cause clogs and cause trouble in the municipal drains. Baby wipes are usually one of the most common culprits in clogged toilets. Therefore, it is best that you throw them in the trash can instead of flushing them down the toilet.

Cat Litter

This is for all the pet owners or future pet owners in the Sugar Land, TX area; do not even think of flushing your pet’s litter down the toilet. It tends to absorb moisture and bundles into clogs quite swiftly once it is in the pipes.

Egg Shells

If you happen to subscribe to the old wives' tale that says eggshells sharpen the blades of your disposal, you must dismiss it right away. Your local plumber will be sad to hear such a theory. The egg shell’s membrane layer goes on to wrap around the rings of your disposal’s shredder ring, which does nothing but damage the disposal unit. Furthermore, eggshells break into sand-like particles that will go on to clog the pipes later.

Hair, Dental Floss, and Other Stringy Items

Although it’s almost general knowledge that hair, dental floss, and other stringy materials are designated culprits in clogging the bathroom drains, many continue sending them down the drain anyway. Your local plumber will confirm that they are right up there with tampons and wipes as the most common materials that cause clogs. These stringy materials are not as harmless as they seem.

Dental floss, for example, is not biodegradable and cannot be flushed down easily either. The hair goes on to form clumps of knots and wreaks havoc on your plumbing. It is best that you avoid flushing these items down the drain.

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