Leaks from plumbing fixtures, fittings and pipes contribute significantly towards household water wastage that takes place each year. Research points out that a typical home loses between 2,000 and 20,000 gallons of water over the course of a year due to such leaks. Some leaks, such as a leaking water heater or a dripping faucet are quite evident, while others may go undetected for a long time as the source of the leak is not observable. In such cases, the water bill can be astronomically high. Let’s go over the different types of household leaks so you can recognize them better when you have one around your house and promptly acquire the services of an experienced plumber in the Sugar Land, TX area.

Toilet Leaks

Toilets are some of the most common sources of household leaks. Data on toilet leaks suggests that about 20% to 35% of all household toilets leak to some extent. They tend to go unnoticed due to two reasons. First, they are often unnoticeable and insignificant; for example, a toilet’s flush tank leaking the water into the bowl at an insignificant rate. Second, most homeowners willfully ignore and overlook these minor drippings and leaks here and there. The leaks may seem insignificant and almost unnoticeable at any particular point in time, but over the course of time, it causes massive water loss.

This can then be felt in the overcharged water bills later. There could be a number of things that might have gone wrong here; from a damaged float to a worn-out refill valve to the water level being set too high. Any professional plumber will be able to fix it for you after a quick inspection.

Then there are toilet leaks that can also be hazardous if left unnoticed for long. When the water may be leaking from the base of the toilet, that sewage water accumulates on the bathroom floor around the toilet. This may also cause water damage to your toilet fixtures besides exposing you to the sewage water. Do not waste time in acquiring the services of a professional plumber to fix the leaking toilet for you.

Natural Gas Leak

If you’ve ever smelled natural gas before, you can easily detect when there is a gas leak due to its prominent odor. In fact, the utility company has added the odorant to its gas supply in the first place specifically for this purpose. A natural gas leak can be a serious issue and one which requires a quick response from you. As soon as you suspect a gas leak around the house, you should be quick to let your utility company know and then call in an experienced plumber immediately to locate and repair the leak.

Water Supply Line Leaks

The leaks in the supply line are another common type of household leaks; although technically, they usually take place outside or away from your house. The water supply line that runs from the water meter to your house can sustain damage somewhere along the way and develop leaks. This supply line usually runs underground, buried almost 3 feet into the ground which, makes detecting a leak quite a difficult task. So you have to look out for signs that may indicate a water supply line leak. At times, the water may move back along the pipe and accumulate into the meter box. This could serve as a sign of a leak if this water is not due to the irrigation run-off or the rain. Another place you could look for a leak is at the point where the pipe leaves the ground and enters the house. The soil here may be mushy and constantly damp. Supply line leaks, even if they may technically fall outside your house’s premises, are your responsibility. Acquire the services of a professional plumber to resolve the issue for you.

Leaky Pipes

The plumbing is basically a system of pipes and connections running through your house. There are often leaks that these pipes will develop due to any number of reasons. You must have a professional to look into the matter and provide you the best solutions. There are different types of pipes, some better suited than others for a certain plumbing job. Only an experienced plumber will be able to tell you which one is best for a certain scenario. Then there are special installation requirements for some of the pipes; for example, copper pipes have to be soldered to be sealed and fitted. A leak in a copper pipe is best left in the hands of a skilled plumber who has access to all the special tools required for the job.

Leaks in the Sewer Line

A leak in the sewer line is a serious plumbing issue. Sewer lines are largely buried under the ground, and it can be difficult to immediately detect when a leak develops. You can always keep an eye out for the signs such as water accumulating on the walkway or the driveway or an unexplained soggy patch in the lawn etc.

A leaky sewer line may not cost you in overcharged bills, but it exposes you to the risk of sewage backup and health hazards. You’ll definitely need a professional to look into this one.

Often, a damaged sewer line requires excavation and digging up of the ground. A professional will have the right tools, equipment, and the knowledge to locate and fix the leak in the most appropriate way.

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