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Being a plumber is more than just putting on an overall and getting your hands dirty. It requires skill, wit, and a vast knowledge of the plumbing world. No matter how sunny your disposition is, without the right business strategy, your business is as good as dead since no one wants their pipes fixed by a quack. With the plumbing business in Texas having an estimated number of 43,000 plumbers and counting, you ought to up your game to make your plumber shine from the rest. Luckily for you, we've got a couple of tips that may come in handy if you're looking to start up a plumbing business.

Narrow Down Your Niche

Plumbing work has more areas to deal with than just fixing pipes and drainage areas. There are multiple specialty areas you can choose from to sharpen your skills, so it may suit you to research the plumbing areas most companies deal in and those that have fewer plumbers venturing into them. Settle on plumbing issues that'll not land you in a hugely competitive market.

If you're starting up a plumbing business, narrowing down your niche is a great way of tightening your budget since you won't have to spread out your resources in hiring numerous specialty plumbers and purchasing multiple plumbing tools. Also, focus on one target audience, be it commercial buildings, hospitals, or residential houses so that you sharpen your skill-set and limit your budget further.

Papers Do Matter

If you're great in math or science, you have a high chance of maneuvering through any plumbing school near Katy, TX. For you to start a flourishing plumbing business, you ought to have your certificates in order. No skilled plumber would want to work for a firm whose founder can't differentiate between a pipe cutter and a pipe wrench. You don't need a fancy college degree to enroll in a plumbing college; all you need is your GED certificate and you're good to go. You'll reinforce your plumbing knowledge and also build trust among not only your employees but also potential consumers.

Learn from the Best

The plumbing business is a hands-on business that requires constant training to better your best work. If you're just setting up your business, you ought to live by the saying "no man is an island." Chances are high that if you surround yourself with a plumbing maestro, you'll become one yourself. You may choose to work as an apprentice in a reputable plumbing company so that you learn every plumbing skill you can from experienced plumbers. This will go a long way in reflecting a good name for your company in the future since a plumbing company is only as good as its founding plumber.

Secure Your Business

Cliché as it may seem, insurance is an integral part of any business, more so if it's a plumbing one. There's always the uncertainty of breaking a pipe and damaging a client's property during the job, and it'll be a shame if you spend your last coin in catering for damages. There are multiple insurances you may choose for your Katy, TX plumbing business, and some include:

  • Employers' liability insurance that takes care of any claim resulting from your employees being injured as they work
  • Public liability insurance that covers the cost of damage to someone's property as well as any injuries they may sustain as your plumbers work
  • Business equipment insurance which caters for the cost of tools in case of theft
  • Personal accident insurance is a safety plan in place to compensate you for lost income in case you're involved in an accident and are unable to work

Market! Market! Market!

To effectively make your company stand out from the rest, marketing is a critical part of the business world. Contrary to the belief that marketing is onerous, you'll find it quite simple if you check out the suggestions below as you begin your plumbing business journey.

Business Name and Logo

First and foremost, you ought to think of a catchy name and a business logo that customers, including your Katy, TX, customers, may identify with. Your customers should be able to spot your van and plumbers simply by looking at the logos on the vehicles and overalls since this builds up trust. Also, prospective customers may be captivated by your business if they see an eye-catching logo, so you may have more customers who contribute to the growth of your business.

Go Digital

You should also consider creating a company website because, with the rise in technology, the world is going digital. If someone's having a plumbing emergency and has no clue where to find a reliable plumber, they'll more than likely search for one online. So, if your company has a website that has your contact details, the services you provide, and prices, your chances for growth are exceedingly high. While you're at it, consider researching Search Engine Optimization to make your business easily accessible to individuals in the areas you serve.

Social Media Marketing 

The power of social media is evident, and you should take advantage of sites like Facebook and Instagram to get people talking about your business. Moreover, some of these platforms have recommendation features that enable users to recommend businesses to their family and friends, and if you provide excellent services, your business name will spread like wildfire.

Reliable Plumbing Business

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a distinguished plumbing company serving everyone in and around Katy, TX, with plumbing-related issues. We're ready to serve you as you begin your journey to the top of the plumbing world. Some of the areas our plumbers are skilled in include water filtration systems, garbage disposals, bathroom remodelling, and expansion tanks.