You move into a new house to get past your old problems. However, sometimes the new house can have problems of an entirely different nature. There are few things in life that can elevate your stress level as a clogged toilet can, or a leaking pipe that just continues to drip, drip, and drip and spike your blood pressure in the process.

You don’t need to have all that stress in your system, especially when it can be solved with the help of a proper drain cleaning in Richmond with the help of a professional.

In order to tackle this drain cleaning in Richmond, you’ll also need to start-up and get ahead of your plumbing issues. What you need to do is, attack the problem before it attacks you.

With some tricks up your sleeves and a professional on your speed dial for drain cleaning in Richmond, you’ll be sleeping like a baby in your new house.

Here are some tips for you:

1.    Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are something that haunts everyone, at any time of the year. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to discover if the new house is suffering from this draining disease. We suggest calling professionals for drain cleaning in Richmond before you move into your new house. Other things you can do to prolong the clean effect in your drains is to be very careful about what you are draining. Keep a bin in the toilet so that drains are not used as an alternate.

2.    Clogged Toilets

Using wrong paper toilets often results in clogged toilets and can make your day to day life very difficult.  As soon as you enter your new house, have the professionals of drain cleaning in Richmond also check your toilets. They’ll clear up the pipes for you. You can try unclogging yourself but that will never provide permanent relief.  Once that’s done, set down some rules such as using toilet papers that break down easily, and using only as much as needed.

3.    Water Heaters

Most houses come fitted with water heaters. However, you never know how old those water heaters are or if they are causing high electricity bills due to a glitch in them. You can either find out about it the hard way or have your plumber of drain cleaning in Richmond, inspect it themselves before you move in. One of the signs of a busted water heater is water appearing mysteriously on the floor. It’s hard to pinpoint where it is coming from, but most often than not, it is the water heater.

4.    Sprinklers

You need to check your sprinklers in the garden before you move into your new house, especially if you plan your work on your yard and give it some ardent look. The companies offering drain cleaning in Richmond are trained plumbers and fixing a broken sprinkler is a matter of minutes for them. Before putting the sprinkler on automatic, have it inspected by them for signs of breakage or rust or repair, etc. Sometimes the sprinkler will appear to work just fine until you get your water bills and nearly have a heart attack. Leaking sprinkler is a bit harder to detect so we suggest you better be safe than sorry.

5.    Faucets

When you are looking around your new house, make sure to check all the faucets and sinks. While leaky faucets can easily be fixed, they sometimes hint at bigger plumbing problems in the work. Call the best plumbers for drain cleaning in Richmond and they’ll tell you right away where the problem started and how it can be fixed. They’ll also give your sinks a thorough clean that will last you a season.

6.    Septic Tanks

If the new house has a septic tank, make sure you ask a professional to check it out for you. Fixing septic tanks can get pricey hence it is necessary that you ask the professional to look out for signs of abrasive cleaners, grease, and low-class toilet papers. They can ruin the septic tank and you could be paying a hefty amount to get it fixed.

7.    Kitchen Drains

Don’t forget to call a licensed plumber for kitchen drain cleaning in Richmond. Kitchen is the place where the worst kind of things go into the drain and completely ruin it. Whether the drain is clogged or not, if you want to enjoy your peace of mind then we suggest have the professionals do a thorough clean-up of the drain so that you can at least enjoy the next six months in peace. After that, call the professionals again. It is a recurring process and ignoring it will only make your life difficult and no one else’s.

8.    Pipes

Last, yet certainly not the least, make sure you ask your plumber to inspect the water pipes in the house. Some pipes, such as galvanized are as old as time and they can push you to have the entire pipe network change, which is certainly not a walk in the park and put a huge hole in your pocket. Think and act wisely.

Make sure your move into the new house is as comfortable as you dreamed it to be. However, you’ll need to work a little for this dream. Have everything inspected and fixed and repaired from changing the locks to getting the drain cleaning in Richmond, they all guarantee your safety and a smart move. Matter of fact you can even have a professional from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg come along with you as you look at the houses. They can help you choose a house that doesn’t have rats and rotten pipes running beneath it.