You are taking a bath, relaxing in the afternoon. You are luxuriating in the bubbles but then you start to notice a smell. The water flowing through tap is a murky brown and is giving off a strong odor. You are disgusted and immediately get out of the bath, wiping yourself clean with a towel.

You turn off the tap and resolve to call a plumber. You have been noticing weird things in your water supply lately, come to think of it. There have been leaks in the living room; the garage has water stains on the walls and ceiling.

How could that be? What could be the cause of all these issues?

The probable cause of your water problems are issues in your water supply and water filtration systemKaty residents often do not think much about water supply issues and do not often call plumbing services for the maintenance and repairs of their water supply and filtration system.

However, you should be wary of water issues in Katy as a water supply problem can be hazardous for you and your family as well as the entire neighborhood. If there is a groundwater problem in the water supply of your individual home, for example, it can contaminate the main water lines connecting the entire neighborhood.

You should then contact services for maintenance, installation and repairs for your water supply and filtration systems in Katy.

However, you should have a basic handbook of knowledge to identify water issues even if you need to call in experts. This will help you understand the problem better and gauge the severity of the situation, to determine whether or not the problem needs emergency repair services.

Water supply problems can be of various kinds. There could be problems with:

Water Filtration

Here’s how you can tell if you have issues in your water filtration system. In Katy, usually water supply systems and filters are fitted in such a way that there are standard signs that everyone can identify in their home.

If your taps keep having problems with water pressure, with low pressure water dripping out of the taps, there is a problem with your water filtration system. Similarly, there can be sediment buildup in your bathroom or pipes that might be an indicator of your water filtration issues in Katy.

You may then need to fix, maintain or replace your existing water filter. If you do not already have one, you may need to buy and install a new one using professional plumbing services.

The plumbers will then suggest the perfect filter or technique for your situation:

 1.  Iron Filters

These fix the problem of rust stains and excessive iron in your water supply system.

2.   Reverse Osmosis Techniques

Plumbers might also recommend servicing the water using reverse osmosis to get rid of impurities in your water supply system.

3.  Carbon Filters

These are great for removing carbon, contaminants, pollutants and other minerals or impurities from your water supply system.

4.  Double-canister Filters

You can use these to solve the problem of smelly water. The odor in your bathwater can be filtered in a jiff with double-canister water filters. These filters also get rid of the sediment buildup that might possibly be showing up on your bathroom surfaces and piping system.

You can install each of these individually or all within the same water filtration system in Katy.

Flooding and Leaks

Another huge indicator of a possible water supply and filtration system problem is a leak or flooding. If you walk into your home and the entire floor is flooded or if a pipe keeps leaking in your walls, call a plumber immediately.

Do not ignore leaks, even if they are in a small amount because they can possibly worsen and have the entire piping system burst water in your home.

Leaks can also go unnoticed and cause property damage to your house and furniture. They can even lead to the weakening of your home’s infrastructure.

These problems usually occur due to the following reasons:

Broken Water Lines

Your water lines are the main sources of your water supply; if they burst they can flood your entire house or yard. If there is a leak in the water line, it can lead to the emptying of your entire water supply and cost you greatly in terms of repairs and water utility bills.

Broken Pipes

Your pipes are located all around your house, in your walls, ceilings, floors, bathrooms, living rooms, and yards, especially in Katy neighborhoods. If there is a leak, it may drain the water and increase your water bill. Simultaneously, leaking pipes may silently but consistently cause damage and disrepair to your home’s infrastructure.

If the water pressure builds up and the leaking crevice widens, you may also have a burst pipe on your hands.  Therefore you should get help at the first sign of trouble when it comes to leaking pipes.

Slab Leaks

A slab leak is another example of a leak. This is a special situation where water pipes burst or break underneath your floors. You may then experience leaks on your hard wood floors, carpets and marble floors and may face a lot of damage.

You should call plumbers for emergency services in case of a slab leak.

Hard Water Issues

In your water supply and filtration systems, you may also get hard water problems. There may be sediments and minerals in your pipes and water filtration systems.

If you notice minerals, white chalky substances, around your pipes, bathroom walls and taps, call a plumber for a hard water consultation.

Hard water effects water quality, quantity, pressure and health. So you should contact plumbers to avoid long-term damage to your water supply and filtration system. And don’t worry about the cost since water filtration system services and maintenance is available for low costs in Katy.

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