Are you noticing low water pressure and water pooling in the yard? Are the doors and windows in your home discolored with watermarks? Have you lately observed a rise in your water bills?

If you notice the above in your home and are still unable to identify a leak or plumbing issue inside, chances are that your yard has burst pipes. However, only a professional plumber in Sugar Land can confirm that.

Burst pipes often leave homeowners confused about what is causing plumbing issues in their homes. This is because these pipes run beneath the ground and can’t be inspected without specialized tools and knowledge that only the licensed plumbers in Sugar Land possess.

More often, burst pipes are a result of incorrect installation of plumbing systems in homes or because of substandard fittings and gear. This is the reason several states have mandated hiring technicians who are licensed and experienced in this area. They have spent years dealing with plumbing problems and are trained to different tools and techniques to introduce repairs.

For this reason and more, you should never let an unlicensed plumber in Sugar Land for plumbing chores and only trust those working with reputable service providers such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg.

The first and most reliable sign of a burst pipe in the yard is spotting water coming up, i.e., bubbling and pooling. However, there is a slight chance that it is nothing but a clogged drain that is causing the problem.

To confirm, you can simply try running the toilet or bath in your home and check if the associated drains are allowing water to pass smoothly. If not, the problem is in the drain and not burst pipes. And you must hire a plumber for drain cleaning in Sugar Land to fix the issue.

A lot of homeowners remain confused about burst pipes, their precautions and solutions, and other relevant stuff. In order to clear out the air a bit, here we have answered some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about burst pipes.

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Burst Pipe FAQs

1.   Is no water a sign of burst pipes in the garden?

The absence of water in your home does not necessarily indicate a burst pipe in the yard. This can be inspected there and then provided you have the right type of tools and basic knowledge of such plumbing problems.

First, you need to pick up a stop tap key or big screwdriver and put it on the main stop tap of your property. Work downward until you reach the point you suspect a burst pipe is present. If you notice the sound of flowing water through the stop valve but there are no signs of leakages in the home, it is a water leak or a burst pipe in the garden.

2.   The grass in my garden is all wet but there has been no rain. Is it a burst pipe?

If you notice water in your garden that keeps rising as you walk around and observe, and you are not utilizing the drain, there is a high possibility it is a burst pipe in the garden. And if it is so, you need to get the problem fixed before it results in flooding and extensive damages.

3.   I am sure my yard has a burst pipe. What is the next appropriate step?

If you are sure you have a burst pipe in the yard, the most appropriate thing you can do next is calling an emergency plumber in Sugar Land. Burst pipes are not something you can fix on a DIY basis, especially when you don’t have specialized tools.

Professional plumbers in Sugar Land and elsewhere don’t only have access to the latest tools and technologies but also have vast experience and sufficient knowledge that enables them to introduce plumbing repairs perfectly.

4.   Are plumbers allowed to deal with outdoor issues like a burst pipe in the garden/yard?

Yes, plumbers that are qualified and licensed are allowed to deal with all kinds of plumbing issues regardless of whether they are within the house or in the garden area.

As a homeowner, you must be really careful when hiring a plumber in Sugar Land. This is because those are not qualified and trained can end up exposing you to even worse issues, ultimately causing emergencies, panic, and losses.

Regardless of whom you choose to fix burst pipes or other plumbing issues in your home, you must check their reputation, credibility, and reviews beforehand. If you are not sure about them being certified, you can always inquire. After all, you are paying for it!

5.   How long do the plumbers take to repair a burst pipe?

The time needed to fix a burst pipe is not pre-defined. Every leak is different and the time needed to repair one can only be determined upon inspecting it. There are a few factors that help calculate this including:

  • Depth of the pipe
  • The type of ground and how much effort is needed to dig it up
  • Tools needed for digging purpose
  • Labor needed to complete the job

Averagely, it takes about 3 hours for plumbers in Sugar Land and elsewhere to dig a burst pipe and fix it without filling it back. The main water supply of your house will have to be stopped and remain that way until repairs have been fully introduced.

6.   Who is responsible for burst pipes in the garden and their repairs?

The person who gets a property constructed, i.e. the owner of a property, is responsible for most burst pipes. The reason behind this could be a lack of knowledge or unwillingness to spend on getting high-end tackle and hiring licensed plumbers in Sugar Land.

If you are living in a rented property and have burst pipes, you can always look up to your landlord to get it fixed.

Looking for expert plumbers in Sugar Land who can confirm if there is a burst pipe in your garden and fix it? The experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg are waiting to serve you. Get in touch now!