You’re thinking of getting a water heater. It’s the middle of winter and the water is too cold for you to shower comfortably, even if you live in Katy. Your friend advises getting an electrical water heater. Your cousin, on the other hand, advises getting a storage heater with gas supply since it works better with Katy’s water supply.

You are confused about how heaters work and cannot work out how heaters work. Do they work on electricity or heat?

Well, the answer is ‘both.’

water heater works on electricity or gas and uses them as energy sources to heat and control water temperature. A gas water heater tends to be less environmentally friendly and can cause potential hazards. However, they are cheaper and can produce more heat than electric heaters.

An electric heater is more environmentally sustainable and is easy to install as it does not require a chimney or gas line to be fitted for the heater to be operational. Electric water heaters can, however, have higher maintenance and repair costs and can be more expensive in general.

Types of Water Heaters

The most common types of water heaters in Katy work on both electricity and gas. These include:

Storage Water Heaters

This type of water heater is very conventional. It has a tank that heats the water supply into your house. It can only supply hot water according to its size and capacity. You may run out of hot water often as a consequence if you consume water beyond the heater’s capacity.

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater comes without a tank and has heated coils instead that instantly supply hot water to your water supply units. They generally have high hot water capacity and larger models can deliver hot water in greater quantities.

Some large tankless water heaters may cause high consumption of gas or electricity. They may even need to be fitted with complete gas lines to supply natural gas.

Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters use heat in the air and ground to heat and process the water in your water pipes. These are great as electrical heaters since they use 60% less electricity and are therefore sustainable.

They are energy and cost-efficient and are one of the better options for Katy residents who do not want to spend much on electricity or energy costs. They also do not utilize gas so they are a more environmentally sustainable option.

So what can go wrong in both these types of heaters? Here’s your answer:

Electrical Water Heater Problems

Electrical water heaters can troubleshoot at many instances throughout their lifecycle. Because they are electrical appliances, they will need properly functioning electrical connections to function.

If you find that your water is not heating, you should have the electrical connection, circuit breaker and fuse inspected first. If something else appears to be the source of the problem, you should turn off your circuit before proceeding forward.

An electrical water heater may face a lot of issues. These include a lack of hot water. Hot water problems can stem from a faulty electric thermostat and upper electric heating substance.

Your plumber or repair technician will need to inspect and fix tripped circuit breakers, blown fuses and check the power supply of the heating thermostat.

You may have to replace the thermostat if the power problems are consistent and persist despite the repairs mentioned above.

The electrical water heater can even make strange noises, indicating that it needs repairs. If it makes a whining noise, there are scales building upon its heating elements. A plumber will then need to repair and flush the heater, clean the scale and then install new heating elements for better and more efficient heat transfers.

Gas Water Heater Problems

Gas water heaters can have serious hazards because of their gas leak components. If you have a clogged or partially clogged vent, the gas heater will become problematic and there might even be chances of gas buildup and explosions. You should get regular checkups and maintenance repairs from a technician in Katy.

Another common issue in gas water heaters is a gas leak. Gas leaks can be very dangerous and may cause carbon monoxide poisoning in people within your Katy home. If you smell rotten eggs or become dizzy, it’s likely you have a gas leak and therefore need to call for immediate repairs from a technician in Katy.

The gas valve sends gas to both the pilot light and the main burner. It senses electrical current from the thermocouple and shuts off the gas if the pilot is not lit. This is an important safety feature. There are not a lot of options if the gas valve is bad.

When you have a faulty gas valve, you may have problems with the pilot light and burner in your gas water heater. If the gas valve is faulty, you may need to call for a repairman to replace the valve.

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