Dealing with overflowing toilets or clogged drainage setup can be a hassle. These problems can be reoccurring and take a toll on your savings.  The struggle with a plunger is taxing yet can be completely avoided by hiring professional plumbers in Katy, TX.

However, taking up DIY tricks drags problems for longer than necessary, resulting in irreparable damages to your drainage system. Issues such as floods, crumbling pipes, and clogged toilets are just the tip of the issues.

In fact there are many things you do which add to the gradual deterioration of your home’s plumbing setup which irks plumbers in Katy, TX.

Here are mistakes you are making which plumbers in Katy, TX wish you would avoid:

1.  Trashing Your Toilet

Toilets are one of the most widely used fixtures in homes and one of the most abused as well. They are built to effectively flush out human waste and toilet paper at most. Overflowing and clogged toilets are a result of careless disposal of non-flushable items down the drain.

Toilet paper is built to be easily flushable, however similar looking hygiene products such as face wipes and face masks aren’t. Items made from plastic or hard absorbent materials such as diapers, sanitary products, and wipes can jam in the pipes, too.

These items are not built to degrade in the drainage system and instead swell up further. The constricted passageway poorly affects the flow of waste.

As any of the plumbers in Katy, TX will tell you, treating the toilet like a dump site will quickly deteriorate its condition. If your toilet is clogged, then hire professional plumbers in Katy, TX to have a look at it.

2.  Using Dangerous Chemicals

Employing DIY tricks can give short term relief. However, not all tricks work equally well. In fact, most are not even recommended by plumbers in Katy, TX. When it comes to unblocking clogged drains with plungers, it is a safer measure.

However, the use of strong chemicals can be detrimental for your drainage system as well as the lungs. The popular belief that corrosive liquids can dissolve blockages is not only not entirely correct but also causes more damage to the drains. They corrode faster, become weakened, and are likely to crumble.

If you want to save your drains from costly replacement in the long run, stop the use of harsh chemicals. These may react and release fumes, and overflow from sinks and toilets along with filthy water. Instead, call for professional help to get your drains working smoothly again.

3.  Using Drop in Fresheners for Toilet

If smelly bathrooms are recurring problems, then it is perhaps time to have your pipes, and P-Trap checked out by professional plumbers in Katy, TX.

Putrid smells are an indication that either the piping is unhinged, leaking, or damaged. Most often, to have the issue checked out is a better option than masking the smells.

The use of drop-in fresheners can cover up smells emanating from toilets. However, these blue tinted fresheners are a slow poison for your flush valves. They leave tiny residue which builds up.

Occasionally, the tiny blue bits lodge in the valves, poorly affecting the flow of water. In worst case scenarios, they halt the flushing process altogether.

Avoid their use and instead, keep a spray freshener at hand. Ideally, have your flush inspected by professional plumbers in Katy, TX if the smell problem persists.

4.  Being Unaware About Your Plumbing Setup

Let’s get some facts straight; homes are susceptible to drainage pipe accidents, whether they are new or old. It can lead to broken or leaking pipes, bursting valves, and what not. Drips are indicative of major problems sometimes as they can end in flooding, too.

Wastage of water through these leaks can also be costly and add to the bills. A simple turning of the valve can save you from the troubles until professional help arrives. Sadly, lacking knowledge of valves and drainage setup lets the problem fester.

Learn about your home’s valve and drain situation instead. This can help you contain the problem by shutting the emergency valves before the problem gets too big.

It is recommended to ask professional plumbers in Katy, TX to handle your plumbing problems. Ask one about the location and function of the main valve as well to be prepared for possible accidents.

5.  Thinking You Are in Control

Temporary fixes with DIY tricks mislead homeowners into believing that their plumbing problems are in control. The real problem, however, grows under the radar and then unleashes in worst form imaginable.

Taking up maintenance for small issues can help your plumbing system – no doubt; however, they are only good for treating symptoms at times. Your plumbing system requires the efforts of professional plumbers in Katy, TX to work at its best.

Never assume you are in control of situations that require technical knowledge, such as water heater problems, issues with pressure valves, or serious leaks. Instead, hire a professional for an inspection.

6.  Misusing the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposers may come across as a one-stop solution to all your kitchen trash problems. However, they are only best suited for handling simple, organic matter.

The internal structure is not suited to handle hard materials such as thick bones and seeds to fibrous foods. These materials are likely to cause blockages in the pipes and damage the disposer’s mechanical structure. Hence, discard them in the trash only.

As a precaution, only discard the items stated on the manual. You may hire professionals for timely maintenance and inspection to keep the disposer running optimally for years.

Professional Plumbers: Better than DIY Plumbing

Plumbing can easily be damaged with DIY tricks. Before you take on a DIY project, it is best to read up on the problems and ascertain whether it is within your reach to accomplish.

Putting faith in professionals is a better way to keep your drains clear and problems controlled for good. Additionally, timely inspections are an effective way to snip problems in their early stages.

With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s professional services, your home will be protected against damaging mistakes. Our plumbers provide timely assistance and are trained well to handle the toughest problems with punctuality.

Hire only the best for fantastic results. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg today at (281) 869-3955.