Damaged gas lines are extremely dangerous for any homeowner in Rosenberg. Natural gas is a highly combustible substance and it doesn’t take much for it to catch fire. Unlike water leaks, gas leaks do not leave any visual signs.

Therefore, it’s much more difficult to spot these leaks than any other kind of leak in your home. In this article, we will discuss top warning signs that indicate your home is experiencing a gas leak.

Smell of Rotten Eggs

Since natural gas is odorless in its pure form, it can be extremely tricky to detect a leak. Fortunately, nowadays, gas companies add the odor of rotten eggs in the gas to make it easier to detect in the case of a leak. Therefore, you should call a professional service to perform gas line repair in Rosenberg once you smell an unusual smell in your home.

Physical Effects

Sometimes, natural gas odors are too subtle and the additional smell is not sufficient enough for detection. On such occasions, you must be ready for other signs. If you can’t smell a gas leak, you should rely on other senses on detect the leak.

You see, natural gas is not meant to be breathed in your lungs. Therefore, when you breathe in natural gas, you can face a number of health issues. A person who has been exposed to natural gas can suffer from irritation in eyes and throat.

Another apparent side-effect of a gas leak will be difficulty in breathing. Exposure to natural gas can also cause anything from headaches, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, and nausea. Whenever you suffer from these symptoms, go to the doctor and don’t forget to call a professional for gas line repair in Rosenberg.

We advise our readers caution; natural gas can sometimes contain harmful gases such as Carbon Monoxide (CO). Even if we put aside the dangers of natural gas, CO is extremely harmful on its own. Extended exposure to this gas can cause severe health issues such as coma. In worst cases, the person may not even survive exposure to this dangerous gas.

In the event of a gas leak, never compromise on yours and your family’s safety. Any of these signs should not be taken lightly. If you notice any of these gas leak symptoms, call an expert in gas line repair in Rosenberg at once.

Unusual Increase in Gas Bills

Even if the gas leak gets past your senses, it will always show up on your gas bill. A gas leak will cause your monthly gas bill to spike up rapidly. The meters in your house every ounce of gas used in your home, so it’s impossible for it to miss a gas leak (unless it’s malfunctioned).

If you have received a bill higher than what you expect, you should call a professional plumber who performs gas line repair in Rosenberg. The professional will analyze a=every corner of your home and look for possible points for a gas leak. If he finds a gas leak in your home, he will waste no time in performing gas line repair in Rosenberg.

Dying Vegetation

Like humans, plants too can get affected by natural gas. If the plants in your home are withering, showing signs of decomposition or dying without any valid reason, then it’s plausible to say that there is a gas leak in your home.

Substances in natural gas can damage the cells inside the plant and cause them to break down.  Once you see this happening, but those plants inside your home and call a plumber to take care of gas line repair in Rosenberg.

Hissing Sounds

A gas leak will always cause an unusual hissing sound to come out of your gas line. However, this sound isn’t easy to detect and you will have to listen closely to pinpoint its origin in your gas line. The hissing sound is created when gas tries to escape through a small opening in the gas line at high pressure.

These leaks are an immense safety hazard and take no time to spread in your entire home. Needless to say, gas leaks are extremely dangerous for both you and your family. Once you hear the hissing sound in your home, close the gas valve immediately and call an expert for gas line repair in Rosenberg.

Watch Out for Appliances

There are various appliances in our home that need gas to work. These appliances include your water heater, stove and even ventilation systems. When there’s some problem with your gas lines, these appliances can start making unusual noises. Whenever you hear strange noises from these, call an expert to see what gas line repair in Rosenberg is required.

Another foretelling sign that your gas lines need repair is that appliances running on gas take much longer to do their job. A shortage of gas makes these appliances work harder than they should and can ultimately cause them to malfunction if the problem isn’t fixed soon.

So you should also keep an eye out for malfunctioning gas-powered appliances in order to detect a gas leak. A professional service can take a look at your malfunctioning appliances and also see if you need gas line repair in Rosenberg.

Natural gas is highly combustible and it takes as much as a single spark to cause a huge explosion. Needless to say, homeowners in Rosenberg should treat gas leaks with extreme caution. As soon as you detect a gas leak in your home, waste no time in calling a professional to perform gas line repair in Rosenberg.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg has years of experience in resolving gas line repair in Rosenberg. The company will resolve gas line repair considering all factors of safety and will ensure that nothing gets damaged.

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