Plumber snaking a drain

Chemical drain cleaners are really popular products for clogged pipes and drains. They have been marketed as convenient and inexpensive options to treat your plumbing system. They may be very easy to find in the hardware store, but the main issue that all these marketing campaigns neglect to mention is that they are really deadly for your plumbing. Experts of drain cleaning in Sugar Land have found that these chemical drain cleaners have disastrous effects on your plumbing.

It is important to be educated on the products you are using for an essential system like plumbing. This is why it is vital to keep reading to find out more about the dangerous chemical drain cleaners you are using in your home.

How Do Chemical Drain Cleaners Work?

Drain cleaners are commonly available in powder, crystal, liquid, foam, and gel forms. They all work in essentially the same way. The harsh chemicals in the products react with the clog to generate gas and heat. This dissolves the blockade so that the water can continue to flow.

The high toxicity in the drain cleans like bleach, peroxide, lye, and others are actually really hazardous. They can prove to be fatal if swallowed or inhaled and can even cause serious burns if they come in contact with the skin. It is better to stay safe and call professionals that deal with drain cleaning in Sugar Land.

What Are the Dangers of Drain Cleaners?

There are many reasons why you will be better off calling for drain cleaning in Sugar Land for any clogged pipes, instead of just forgetting about it and wait for a problem to occur.

Damage to the Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners use a combination of harsh chemicals, which can easily burn through any blockades in the pipes. Even though it will free the pipe of potential clogs, the chemical reactions will also expose your pipes to heat and gas. This can be fatal to your pipes, especially if you have PVC soft pipes or old ones that are more susceptible to leaks. Old seals, chalking, and metal fittings can also begin to corrode if they face too much exposure to harsh chemicals.

The worst damage that can occur is when the cleaner actually fails to clear away your clogged drain quickly. The pipes may be clogged due to an issue like a tree root breaking through or a joint fitting getting loose, which a drain cleaner can’t clear away. In such situations, the drain cleaner is left steaming in your pipes, which gives it ample opportunity to cause harm. This will mean that you spend more and more money calling for drain cleaning in Sugar Land to repair your plumbing.

Harm to the Environment

Chemical drain cleaners are also one of the most harmful plumbing wastes. The residue from the drain cleaners often sinks into the groundwater and soil. It is really harmful to any animals and plants in the area, as well as people who use the groundwater for daily use. It is simply better for the environment to avoid these dangerous chemicals and go for professionals of drain cleaning in Sugar Land.

Danger to Homeowners

Drain cleaners are also made with dangerous chemicals that can be quite harmful to the people using them. They release harmful fumes which can cause burns on the skin, eyes, and internal linings of the respiratory system. They can also cause serious burns and rashes if they come in contact with your skin.

Even if you take safety measures like using gloves, they can still find a way to burn you. If they back up the drain, leak through pipes or spray through pipe bursts, it can cause really bad burns on the skin. Some of the chemicals can even spray onto your skin when you are plunging the drain into drawing out the clogs. The substance is just too dangerous to use.

Additional Costs

While drain cleaners are marketed as an inexpensive option, they can prove to be quite expensive to homeowners. The damage to the septic tanks and pipes can actually mean that you have to spend a lot of money on repairs, maintenance or replacements. This is why it is just better to call for experts of drain cleaning in Sugar Land.

What are Safer Alternatives for Clogs?

There are many other ways to get rid of blockages in your draining system, and we will go over them one by one.

Firstly, you can try using the plunger. Plunging the pipe can often create enough pressure to simply dislodge the clog. This is an inexpensive solution to the problem. All you have to do is to seal the plunger around the drain so that you can create a vacuum to pull the clog out.

You can also try making DIY drain cleaners at home. There are a number of combinations you can use like baking soda and vinegar to burn through the pipes. You can pour half a cup of white vinegar and baking soda down the drain. Do make sure that you give it enough time to burn through the clog. Chase the mixture with hot water so that it washes our completely and flushes out the clog along with it. However, even these DIY tricks shouldn’t be used too often since vinegar is quite acidic, but it is still a better option than chemical drain cleaners.

Even with other options available, the best option hands down has to be hiring professional services for drain cleaning in Sugar Land. They are the most efficient, safe, and reliable option to take care of the clogs in the plumbing system. If you are facing the issue more often than you should, they can also make sure to address the root cause of the problem so that you don’t have to face clogs every day. They completely inspect the whole system, which allows them to pinpoint the exact problem with the plumbing system.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg also uses safe methods like drain wires and cranks to deal with clogs. This keeps your pipes safe from any harm. Some plumbers also have a concoction of natural drain cleaners that will take care of clogs while protecting your pipes from harm.