Do you want to remodel your bathroom without spending loads of money?

You might be redesigning your bathroom for aesthetics. However, doing so can actually increase the value of your home. Hence, it should not be treated as expense but as a safe investment!

In this article, some of the best plumbers in Richmond explain a number of cost-effective ideas for bathroom remodeling.

1.  Install Less But Impactful Tiles

If you are thinking about calling professional plumbers in Richmond in order to add tiles to your home, then let’s think for a minute. Tiling your entire bathroom can be a costly initiative. Instead, you can cut costs by decreasing the number of tiles in your bathroom. Look for the spots in your bathroom that are prominent and add tiles to them. You can also try to incorporate a horizontal strip of tiles on the wall while a coat of paint can cover the remaining area.

Moreover, try to look for tiles that emit creativity and inventiveness, as they can greatly enhance your bathroom’s appeal. The use of artistic tiles psychologically grabs the attention of others. Hence, do discuss your tiling strategy with the plumbers in Richmond.

2.  Invest in the Counter Tops

One of the most common bathroom remodeling ideas involves splurging on counter tops—generally made of granite. Usually, these counters are short in size, and therefore the investment required is a lot less than the wider and larger kitchen counter tops.

According to the plumbers in Richmond, you can save money by simply picking up a color. Colors like brown, light beige, and tan cost more due to their popularity as neutral colors. You can avoid these colors and look for other cheaper colors.

3.  Apply a Coat of Paint

Using a coat of paint is an extremely cost-effective tactic used in home renovation. A new coat of paint can instantly provide a new, fresh look to your home.

Despite the smaller size of bathrooms, the paint job is going to take a considerable amount of time. This is because the speed of the paint job is slowed around the mirror, sink, shower, tub, switch plates, and other parts of the bathroom. Hence, you need to think twice about the patience and time required in the job while planning your bathroom remodeling.

The plumbers in Richmond caution that unlike other parts of your home, your bathroom has to deal with constant moisture. Therefore, it brings up the possibility of mold in your bathroom. Hence, while saving money, make sure that you use paint with satin finish or else you might have to spend more and call plumbers in Richmond for plumbing maintenance.

4.  Think About the New Fixtures

Now is the time to decide which details you can add in your bathroom. For starters, you can install sink faucets, drawer pulls, and towel racks, and upgrade light fixtures in your home for a low investment.

According to the plumbers in Richmond, these items are often neglected in bathroom remodeling. However, they can add a decisive value to the aesthetics of your bathroom. For trendy designs, you can contact the best plumbers in town, Benjamin Franklin, who can show you an extensive list of ideas for your bathroom.

5.  Redo Instead of Buying Brand New Items

If you are going to replace your shower or bathtub, then your wallet can take quite a strong hit. The professional plumbers in Richmond are here to help you out with your bathroom renovation without breaking your wallet.

It must be noted that this strategy cannot be applied to all the fixtures in your bathroom. For example, if you will redo your sink, then the cost of refinishing them is higher than installing their replacements. In such cases, only go for remodeling if you have vintage fixtures in your bathroom.

6.  Use Second-Hand Fixtures

People who are tight on budget can get a great value for money by purchasing secondhand fixtures. You can buy used showers, toilet, counter tops, and other bathroom necessities. There are several online websites like EBay that display used products.

If you’re looking for essential bathroom items within your budget, it is a good idea to talk to your trusted plumbers in Richmond. Professional plumbers in Richmond will not only offer you advise on what items to buy, but they will also help you out with bathroom remodeling.

7.  Implement Green Remodeling

Do you wish to play your part in the environment?

During your bathroom remodeling, try to think about how you can remodel while factoring in the environment. By ensuring that your shower heads, sinks, and toilet are “low-flow,” you can play your part in the conservation of water.

Moreover, it is also an excellent strategy to save up on your budget. Keep in mind that water-saving faucets and shower heads do not cost more than the conventional ones. Likewise the use of secondhand materials, as explained above, is another way to go green.


Bathroom remodeling can be quite expensive. From selecting the tiles to shopping for the right supplies, there are several things you will need to consider. By considering the above-mentioned tips, you may be able to reduce your remodeling expenses and design an aesthetically appealing bathroom without breaking the bank.

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