If you are reading this, chances are that you are worried about the faulty faucets in your home. Functioning faucets are essential in every household. This is why your concern is completely legitimate. Faucet problems usually emerge so gradually that when you do notice malfunctioning, it can be tricky to tell if it’s time to invest in a new faucet or a repair would be enough.

To know when to call a professional for either a repair or replacement, we recommend that you know the signs that indicate when it is ideal to get a faucet replacement or minor repairs will be enough.

Signs That Your Faucet Needs Repair

Faucets are designed to last for a long time. So if your newly fixed faucet is not functioning right, don’t panic and know that most faucet problems can easily be solved through minor repairs. If your faucet is showing the following signs, it’s time you contact a plumber.

Abnormal Water Pressure

Abnormally high or low water pressure can put you in a very distressful situation. And you likely end up blaming your faucets for it. The truth is that faucets have a little to do with water pressure. Changes in water pressure can indicate other problems such as clogged pipes, water leaks, lack of water supply, etc. However, one way in which your faucet may be responsible is because it’s not fixed right.  An experienced professional will be able to detect and repair any seams or fixture issues.

Dripping or Leaking

Have you noticed water dripping from your faucet even when the handle is turned off? Or does the water leak from the base of the faucet stem? These are signs that you cannot afford to ignore. A dripping or leaking faucet in your house will not only result in higher water bills but also waste hundreds of gallons of water. Usually, high water pressure in the water lines can result in dripping or leaking of your faucet. This problem will persist even if you get a new faucet so it is ideal to get a plumber to repair the faucet instead.

Noisy & Irregular Water Discharge

If you notice water spewing out of the faucet from different angles, it’s time for a faucet repair by a skilled plumber. Irregular water discharge such as water bubbling can be extremely frustrating because it spills water everywhere. This unusual flow is often due to a faulty aerator or a worn out diverter valve and replacing them can make your faucet work well once again. In cases where water discharge is accompanied by a loud sputtering sound, you should be alarmed. This can either indicate some internal damage or a hardened rubber washer which needs to be replaced.

Squeaky Handles

If your faucet is a little old, you may notice squeaky sounds every time you move the handle. This is because of the worn-out threads at the stem of the faucet that result from wear and tear in the faucet’s interior structure. Luckily, this problem doesn’t necessitate replacement. Repairs by a good plumber can make the handle work smoothly again.

Signs That Your Faucet Needs Replacement

A timely faucet replacement can increase your faucet’s efficiency and save you from all the troubles caused by malfunctioning faucets. The following signs indicate that you need to take an appointment from a professional plumber in the Katy, TX area immediately to get your faucet replaced.

Rust & Corrosion

Have you recently noticed rust around your faucet stem? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to get rid of the faucet. Rusts and corrosion happen when the plumbing fixtures lose their protective coating overtime. This goes on to damage the parts of a faucet making it difficult to use and ugly to look at. If you don’t call a plumberin the Katy, TX areato replace it on time,you may also risk the quality of water coming out of a rusted faucet.


In case you forgot to get your leaking faucet repaired on time, be prepared to see molds around your faucet. These molds destroy the design of a faucet and make them unpleasant to look at. There is no way to repair molds if they appear and so a replacement is your only option to deal with this problem.

Scratches & Cracks

You may use chemical sprays all you want, but the scratches and cracks will last on your faucet regardless. Ceramic ages poorly which is why any repairs of cracks will either fail or not last long. If a chipped or physically damaged faucet is unbearable for you, then you should contact a plumberfor faucet replacement.

Loose & Leaking Handles

When the faucet handles start leaking despite regular repair, it’s a sign that it’s time for you to replace the faucet. Old faucets tend to wear down overtime due to friction which causes the gasket sealing to start leaking. This eventually leads to water damage near your faucet. A repair may only solve this issue temporarily which is why you should consider replacing loose faucet altogether.

Mineral Deposits

You can easily detect mineral deposits by noticing if there is a build-up around or inside the plumbing fixture of your faucet. Mineral deposits may result from hard water supply and can damage parts of your faucet such as filters, metal, flanges, and gaskets. Repairing will not completely solve this problem which is why you should resort to getting your faucet replaced.

Make Your Decision!

While a good plumber will be able to help you decide what to do, it is important to consider:

  • How much money are you willing to spend?
  • How much time do you have?
  • Do you want a temporary solution or a long-term relief?

If you are still confused and can’t decide whether to get your faucet repaired or replaced and live in the Katy, TX area, let Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg take a look!

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