Waterline damage may not present itself until it gets worse. A water line is usually laid underground, and any leakage or damage in an underground pipeline system usually goes unidentified. Unlike other pipeline systems, you can’t get your water line inspected for damage because of the obvious reasons – you can’t possibly get the ground dug and then to check to see if the water line is damaged.

However, you should be aware of the fact that the underground water pipeline system is quite prone to damage, and if there are any signs of water line damage, the issue should be promptly addressed. There can be many things that can cause damage to your home’s water line, which makes water line repair in Katy necessary. The major causes of water line damage are listed below:

1. Improper Initial Installation

Some contractors just want to get the job done. They don’t bother about the longevity and reliability of the work they do. As a result, they use substandard material and work hastily. When the initial water line is not installed properly, its damage within a few years is inevitable. The poor quality of the materials used and the hasty installation results in the leaking of these water lines within a few years as they fail to bear the rough conditions that prevail underground. In a situation like this, you may have to get water line repair in Katy not even a few years after the initial installation.

2. Underground Soil Shifting

When underground pipelines are being laid, the status quo of soil is predicted for a specified period. However, subterranean conditions change constantly and unpredictably, and these changes can result in the shifting of soil underneath. You don’t realize this, but there are constant movements in the tectonic plates under the earth’s surface. These movements may result in the underground pipes separating or breaking, leading to a major water leak. These unforeseeable conditions make water line repair in Katy the only solution.

3. Change in Pressure

The reliability and durability of an underground water pipeline system are checked by exposing it to a certain pressure. Underground pipelines can withstand a certain amount of pressure and a pressure greater than the limit will result in the underground pipeline system cracking or collapsing. Increased water pressure on the water line system calls for immediate water line repair in Katy.

4. Tree Roots

Since the roots of trees can penetrate deep into the ground and spread several meters from their original spot, they can pose a major risk for an underground water line. The roots of the trees can be huge and heavy-weighted and can penetrate through the toughest walls and ground. They won’t spare the water line if it comes in their way. Tree roots are one of the most common, yet an unavoidable cause of water line damage that results in the need for water line repair in Katy.

5. Corrosion

Underground water pipes are usually made of iron, copper, steel, PVC, and CPVC. No matter how high quality the material is, it comes with an expiry date. Whatever the case is, no material lasts a lifetime, and you are sure to need water line repair in Katy sooner or later. The material will corrode with time. The corrosion of pipes may be due to natural environmental factors, chemical reactions, or the quality of the water.

6. Changes in Temperature

With temperature fluctuations, the underground water pipeline may get significantly damaged. You may need to get water line repair in Katy if the temperature in your area fluctuates between the extremes of the scale. Very low temperatures can cause the pipes to free and contract, and high temperatures can cause them to expand. This expansion and contraction can weaken the pipes over time and cause them to break, leading to a leak in the waterline.

7. Clogs

If the water line gets clogged with garbage, hair, or any other solid material, it can cause the water line to burst. At first, you may observe a slowed water flow, but in the long run, a clog may result in the buildup of pressure in the waterline and lead to the worst situation where the water line bursts. Immediate water line repair in Katy is the ultimate solution to such a problem.

Signs of Water Line Damage

How can you tell if water line repair in Katy is needed? There are a few signs that are pretty hard to miss, and will instantly notify you of any water line problems in your household. Some of these signs are listed below:

  • You may observe discolored water from faucets. Discoloration of water usually occurs as a result of rusting that may be happening somewhere in the pipe.
  • A significant drop in the water pressure is an indication of a major leak in the underground water line. The leakage may be due to rusting or penetration of tree roots. The pressure of the water does not usually fall significantly as long as the leak is not large enough.
  • If you start to see the pipes above the ground corroding, it can give you an idea of the condition of the pipes underground.
  • Soggy patches or puddles of water may indicate that the water line underground is leaking. This causes the accumulation of water in the ground.
  • An increase in the water bill is another indication that you have a leaky water line that needs to be repaired.

If you want to get water line repair in Katy, you should hire a professional plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg to get services that will leave you tension-free for a long time. You can visit their website or give them a quick call at (281) 869-3955.