Those who had their homes built before the 1990s have outdated infrastructure. What this means is that the materials and equipment which were used to build those homes are susceptible to a wide range of issues. If your house was built about 15-20 years ago, then you probably have cast iron pipes installed instead of the regular PVC ones.

What Is Wrong with Cast Iron Pipes?

Back in the 20thcentury, cast iron pipes were widely used in the plumbing infrastructures of American homes.  These pipes attained popularity because they were considered durable—lasting around 100 years.

Moreover, the materials which were used in these pipes limited the sound of flowing water. However, today, these pipes have been shunned because of better alternatives. Although, they were quite formidable back in old days, the advancements in plumbing in the last few decades have replaced these pipes with new ones with better quality and durability and low maintenance requirements. Therefore, hire a reliable plumber in Sugar Land who can remove the cast iron pipes and modernize your home.

At first glance, older homes appear to be sturdy and durable. However, as explained by an expert plumber in Sugar Land, the internal system behind these homes may be on the verge of collapsing. This is because the lifespan of cast iron pipes has ended, causing wear and tear in the form of cracks and holes. Moreover, water quality, climate changes, and soil factors have further limited the lives of these pipes.

If your yard contains too many large trees, then this is something where you have to be more vigilant about. Sometimes, the irregular and brisk growth of underground tree roots can intercept cast iron pipes, causing them to break down. Therefore, replace these outdated pipes by contacting a licensed plumber in Sugar Land. If you have cast iron pipes in your plumbing system, go through the following and check whether or not you have to replace them.

1.   Leak in the Pipes

Leaks are common in American homes, but they should not worry you if they happen once or twice in a long time. On the contrary, if you have to call a plumber in Sugar Land several times in a month, it is never a good sign. Sometimes, according to the plumbers, these pipes get damage when they come into contact with sulfuric acid. This means that DIY solutions are not going to work. Therefore, save your time and have a plumber replace your pipes for the better.

2.   Strange Water Color

Make sure to have a tap water test once in a while. If you live in a rural area, it is common to find brown or yellow colored water, but it is nothing out of the ordinary. However, in some cases, the color of water can indicate that something is amiss with your pipes. Rust and corrosion can cause discoloration on these pipes, especially when they have been installed for a long period of time. Therefore, always ask a plumber in Sugar Land to come whenever you find unusual water color.

3.   Foul Odor

Other than a few ventilation stacks, make sure that your sewer infrastructure is airtight to effectively manage it. After cast iron pipes begin to degrade, they show signs of cracks. What happens is next is both unhealthy and undesirable—it exposes sewer gas to your home’s environment. The situation can turn awkward when you are having guests. Therefore, ask a plumber in Sugar Land to replace them with modern pipes.

4.   Growth of Mold

Mold is harmful to your family’s health, especially for those who are affected by asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues.

Mold and plumbing never make up for a happy a story. Some types of mold need only a slight intervention of water to grow steadily. If you get a leak in your iron pipe, it can become the source of that water and trigger the mold production in your home. Hence, call a plumber in Sugar Land whenever you find mold in your home.

5.   Sewage Backups

Cast iron pipes often derail draining in toilets and create the accumulation of sewage backups. Now, you may try to use draining chemical products. However, at times, these solutions do not work because they contain sulfuric acid—keep in mind that this chemical agent destroys the cast iron pipes. Rather than depending on such products and doubling your problems, swiftly eliminate this issue by acquiring the services of a plumber in Sugar Land.

6.   Sudden Green Patches

Pipe leaks force the sewage to let out from your home. Consequently, this sewage can become your lawn’s fertilizer and enhance the growth of plants and trees. Therefore, if you get to see sudden green patches, first consult your family. Inquire if anyone started taking interest in gardening. If no one comes forward, then this means that there is a possibility of a leak. Hence, call a plumber in Sugar Land to verify the leak.

7.   Damaged Structural Foundations

If there are cracks or holes in your home foundations such as walls, it is perhaps the most dangerous and potentially expensive sign. It is possible that cast iron pipes inflicted this damage. When water leaks go unnoticed, with the passage of time, they can threaten the very foundations of your home. Therefore, rather than spending a large of money to maintain your home, ask a plumber in Sugar Land to fix this issue.

If you find any of the above-mentioned occurrences with cast iron pipes in your home, ask a plumber in Sugar Land to come and replace them. As such, you can take advantage of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg, one of the best in the business.