One surefire way to have an absolutely terrible start to your day is to step in dirty, smelly water spilling out from your drains. Not only is this unsanitary experience enough to ruin your mood, but it can become chaotic for your maintenance budget as your need for a professional plumbing service grows.

Whether you opt for a plunger yourself or hire professionals for drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX, these problems may still reappear. Poor preventive maintenance is one of the leading causes behind the reappearance of clogged drains while poor habits such as disposing of the trash in the drains can cause blockages, too.

Although DIY tips claim to relieve you of the stress of bubbling drains, severely blocked drains may require professional drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX for a permanent fix. If your drain problems keep reappearing and require frequent drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX, then here are ways to keep your drains in fantastic condition:

1.  Use Drain Grates

It is normal for small items to make their way into the drain. Sadly, they can lodge themselves there and slowly build a blockage. Items like hair, soap, grease, and even small debris can stick together and cause a huge blockage in your drains.

A preventive way to keep your drains from developing blockages is to install a strainer or grates on the drains. These prevent blockages from occurring and hence eliminate the need for professional drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX.

These act as a barrier and keep items such as hair, fiber, soap, and more at bay while you carry on with your regular routine. Remember to conduct a regular cleanup of the grate to keep the water flowing seamlessly down your drain.

2.  Discarding Things That Do Not Belong There

If you have a kid in the house, then you are probably not new to hiring a professional for drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX. Children can often stuff parts of toys down the drains, leading to severe blockages and over spilling.

Drain catchers can give a certain amount of protection from such accidents, although keeping the bathroom door closed is the best solution; given it is not a safe place for toddlers and children to be in.

Most people, while sick, tend to vomit near or on the drain. This can cause sudden blockages as well. Additionally, discarding trash in the drain is not recommended, and should be avoided if you don’t want a blocked drain.

It is better to use a toilet if you feel like you are on the verge of throwing up, while keeping a trashcan handy will prevent the habit of throwing garbage down the drain.

3.  Don’t Drain Grease

It is a good idea to skip draining grease or oil down the drain; otherwise, it may spell big problem for the drains.  Grease has a likelihood of clumping everything around it and sticking together until it resembles a giant hairball of filth.

Additionally, this buildup can become a solid mass in due time becoming a huge problem for the drains. This sticky mass of gooey things keeps growing and suffocating the drainage pipe. It can lodge tightly in pipes through which sewage flows, and is behind serious flooding in households.

If you wish to keep your drains in pristine condition for years, then stop disposing of grease in them. It is better to dispose of it in the trash can or the garden instead.

4.  Keep Sand and Debris Away

If you occasionally trail along sandy paths or grimy dirt, you can carry this to your bathrooms and slowly cause drainage problems. Sand is composed of tiny granules that although do not harm the pipes but large amounts lodge in the drain requiring a thorough drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX.

Sand can settle down in the pipes and create blockages. In fact, if you are in the habit of disposing of greasy liquids down the drain, both can cling together to back up the drain as the mixture closes up the pipes. The sand is worse off for pipes made of galvanized steel as it has a tendency to attract greasy and sticky liquids such as oil, soap, and conditioners.

Effective cleanup of sand from the pipes requires professional drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX as it can become difficult to do as a DIY activity. If your pipes are a victim of sand related blockages, then hire the best in the industry to attain a thorough cleanup.

5.  Employ Regular Upkeep

Blocked drains can become difficult to control like an insolent child. The best way to avoid any issues with clogs is to build the habit of regularly cleaning the drains. This means regularly employing a mix of DIY and professional services for drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX in order to keep the drains functioning well.

Pouring hot water down the drain can breakup soap deposits and grease from lotions, creams, and conditioners, making sure large chunks that make their way into the pipe can melt away.

Collecting and discarding trash such as hair, lint or materials that stick to the grate will avoid these from slipping into the plumbing as well, keeping your drains clear of blocking agents.

Professional Drain Cleaning: A Break from Blocked Drains

Over spilling drains is every homeowner’s nightmare.  The clearing process is tiresome, and smelly sewerage can bubble its way out of the drain time and again. Stagnant water may even attract pests or develop mold.

If DIY tips are giving you unsuccessful results and you are growing impatient with the condition of your drains, then hiring professional drain cleaning in Rosenberg, TX will garner successful results.

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