Proper home plumbing care requires that you keep an eye on your plumbing, because what you don’t know can hurt you seriously. Homeowners with drain issues are always on the lookout for professional drain cleaning in Sugar Land at affordable rates. However, you can reduce problems with your drains by keeping an eye on them and through regular cleaning and general maintenance.

Most of the worst clogs and damage to drains is not due to unusual circumstances, but your everyday habits that contribute to long-term plumbing problems. The good news is that you can easily correct most of the behaviors, but you must have basic general knowledge on how drain pipes and traps operate. Here are some of the worst habits that contribute to serious damage in homes over time:

1.   Flushing Foreign Objects Down the Toilet

One of the most common problem plumbers face regularly are clogged toilets. It doesn’t matter how many times people are told not to flush anything other than their waste and toilet paper, but things like jewelry, toys, food, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and an extensive range of unusual objects are flushed down drains every year.

The big problem here is that toilet drains empty into the main sewer line of the home, and if the toilet is clogged, it will affect the entire house, as the main line will be blocked as well. When that happens, you will require professional drain cleaning in Sugar Land.

2.   Using Chemical Cleaning Products

A lot of homeowners in Sugar Land, have no idea that the chemical cleaning products they use to open clogged drains does tremendous damage to their drain pipes. These products can get wastewater to move again, but it is only temporarily, and at the same time, the chemicals damage the interior of the pipes, which makes them more vulnerable to breaking, resulting in extensive and expensive water damage that requires professional drain cleaning in Sugar Land.

3.   Overambitious DIY Projects

There is nothing wrong with undertaking minor repairs in your household, but when it comes to plumbing it is best to leave it in the hands of a professional. The plumbing system in most houses is complex, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily damage it beyond repair. Overambitious DIY projects, can lead to mismatching the fittings, accidentally breaking pipes, blocking off vents, and even failing to properly cap sewage lines.

That is the reason why it is recommended that all under prepared and overambitious DIYers should get in touch with professional drain cleaners in Sugar Land to avoid damaging their home plumbing.

4.   Skipping Routine Plumbing Inspections

The drains in your home are constantly in use, and due to wear and tear, can develop minor issues, even if you’re extremely careful with their care. A few strands of hair or stray food particles can get into the plumbing and lead to buildups that will accumulate and create clogs in the pipes. Therefore, routine maintenance is recommended, since it helps eliminate these minor problems. Homeowners in Sugar Land, should perform their own self-inspection every month, and acquire the services of a professional drain cleaning service in Sugar Land once every year.

5.   Using Your Garbage Disposal as a Garbage Can

The most common mistake made by homeowners in Sugar Land is shoving down all types of food waste down their garbage disposals, and assuming all waste will be grounded into fine particles. However, that rarely happens, because poor garbage disposal care is the main reason for clogged drains. A lot of people assume that garbage disposals have razor sharp blades that can grind anything up into fine particles and dispose them.

On the contrary, garbage disposal systems work like cheese graters, and are vulnerable to being jammed by starchy or fibrous food products. They don’t grind food waste like cartilage or bones finely, which is why they get stuck in the plumbing and damage the drains. A buildup of food waste in the garbage disposal will lead to damage to your main water line, for which you will require professional drain cleaning in Sugar Land.

The Difference Regular Drain Cleaning in Sugar Land Makes

Keeping the plumbing in your home in good working condition isn’t a difficult task, and homeowners can easily avoid damaging their drains by using commonsense and a bit of awareness. You need to be vigilant about what goes down your drains, if you want to avoid plumbing problems with your drain.

This is where regular drain cleaning in Sugar Land makes a difference, and it is advised to contact a professional plumbing contractor like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg to assess the situation. Here are some of the benefits you get with regular drain cleaning in your home:

1.  Reduce Blockages

You can prevent blockages by regularly cleaning the drains, especially when you use the sink or shower. If the sewer system builds up it will create problems every time you flush your toilets, as the septic tanks will start to overflow, leading to more plumbing issues.

2.  Limit Smells

Sewers have bad odors that are hard to eliminate, and the best way to limit smells from your drain or sewage system is through regular drain cleaning in Sugar Land.

3.  Clean Home

Clean drains lead to a cleaner home, and it is imperative that you clean your drains regularly and correctly, to ensure they are sanitary and free of odors. Blocked drains can overflow and cause severe hygienic concerns in the house. To prevent that you must have the drains cleaned on a yearly basis to ensure that no blockages cause an overflow of waste in the home.

4.  Reduce Expenses

One of the main benefits of regular drain cleaning in Sugar Land is that it prevents major issues developing with the drains overflowing and causing unsanitary conditions in the house. Older drain pipes can also crack or break down, or also have tree roots inside them. That is the reason, why you must always trust professional drain cleaners in Sugar Land for drain pipe repairs, replacement or cleaning in your home.

Getting the right drain cleaning service in Sugar Land is imperative for all homeowners, and if you are looking for professional drain cleaners in Sugar Land, Texas, get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg today for a free consultation.