As a homeowner with some plumbing experience, you can imagine the potential damage that can be caused by plumbing leaks that aren’t repaired swiftly. This is why you should call your plumbers in Richmond, TX as soon as you spot one. The problem, however, is that preventing these water damages isn’t always quite straightforward.  This is because homeowners realize that they have a problem when it is too late. This is especially the case with people who have little or no experience with plumbing.

Plumbers in Richmond, TX have identified 7 common causes as to why most leaks occur in households. If homeowners can understand these problems, then they can save themselves from considerably expensive water damages. These causes will act like preventative measures that can protect your pipes from future leakages. Other than this, these causes can also teach you when is the best time to contact your plumbers in Richmond, TX.

Let’s have a look at what these common causes are:

1.   Advanced Corrosion

Plumbers in Richmond, TX will always tell you that no pipe material can last forever. If they’ve worked for long periods of time, then corrosion will definitely have gotten to it. This could include problems like iron oxide build-up, more commonly known as rust. These formations tend to eat away at the pipes and eventually create openings on them which lead to leakages.

Plumbers in Richmond, TX will also have you know that your pipes will also be more prone to rust if they are as old as 30 years or even more. This is because the materials that were used to make pipes back then could not resist corrosion the way modern materials can.

Another very common reason why pipes get damaged because of corrosion is because homeowners use dangerous chemical cleaners or drain openers. If the mineral content or pH level of the water that enters these pipes is off balance, then you will most certainly face corrosion.

2.   Degraded Seals

Did you know that not all of the pipes in your plumbing are made of metal? All those points in your plumbing system where your pipes connect to other specific fixtures, these pipes will most certainly employ industrial rubber seals. This is because these rubber seals have the potential of keeping these connections water and airtight.

Plumbers in Richmond, TX have found that these seals also degrade over time just like the metal pipes in your system. When these pipes degrade, they tend to form crumbles or cracks which allow water to escape from them. Usually, the oldest and overly dry seals are known to be the ones that are most susceptible to corrosion.

3.   Excess Water Pressure

You may enjoy high water pressure in your showers or faucets, but plumbers in Richmond, TX have found this to be a potential reason for corrosion in your plumbing systems. Harder water tends to hit the insides of these pipes with increases the risk of potential leaks.

Plumbers in Richmond, TX have found that these excess water pressures will cause the plumbing systems in your home to leak sporadically. Even when the water flow gets stopped, water will still be dripping somewhere in your system and causing property damages while increasing the water bill exponentially.

4.   Fixture Cracks

If the pipes or the faucets connected directly to these pipes develop a few cracks, you will immediately notice leaks and puddles. These cracks normally occur because of an impact which could be because perhaps someone tripped and grabbed the faucet to regain balance. Sometimes this impact can even build over time, most likely due to instances like kids continually hitting the fixture with their toys.

Plumbers in Richmond, TX have also found that these cracks sometimes even develop out of sight, like under a sink. Homeowners usually force things into the cupboard space under the sink, and repeated impact can also cause leakages to form out of sight. If you notice the sound of drips or a small puddle in this cupboard space, then you should call your plumber in Richmond, TX as soon as possible.

5.   Incorrect Pipe Laying

It is very necessary that the planning of your home’s plumbing system be planned by a professional who is licensed. Many plumbing emergencies and leaks occur due to these pipes being laid down incorrectly. The smallest of mistakes can lead to massive amounts of water damages in the future.

6.   Pipe Joint Damage

Plumbers in Richmond, TX will have you know that the most vulnerable parts of your plumbing system’s pipes are at the joints. These bends and joints are the reason why the water flow of your home can be redirected anywhere. They are made of separate curved pieces that are attached to straight pipes on either side.

As we discussed before, extreme water pressures, or even extreme water temperatures cause these fixtures to depreciate quite swiftly. The very first sign that you should be on the lookout for is abnormal sounds caused by the pipe joints in your plumbing system. This will particularly be the case when you are using hot water. If this is the case, you need a plumber in Richmond, TX right away!

7.   Untreated Clogs

At worst, drain clogs can lead to some serious plumbing issues! If, for example, a clog consists of household’s chemicals or even corrosive substances, then the inside of your pipes can get damages really fast. This is another reason why harmful drain cleaners are advised against by plumbers in Richmond, TX.

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