Winter is in full swing, so naturally as the temperature falls, the use of warm water increases. Perhaps, one of your major concerns during this season must be the increased water heating bills and the burden sustained by the water heaters that may lead to repair costs.

Water heater bills can makeup to 18% of your utility bill and lag behind by the heating and cooling cost only by a fraction. This eventually demands that you look up for ways that can help you make savings in the usage of the hot water heater.  There are several small things that you can do and develop some habits that can save you a lot on your water heating bill.

Moreover, it is highly important that you get frequent water heater repair in Rosenberg done to ensure that your unit is functioning efficiently. Your energy bill can get highly affected by the heat loss that may be occurring due to a malfunctioning unit. Here are some quick tips that can help you bring down the cost associated with water heating.

1.   Bring Down the Thermostat

The temperature at which you set your water heater has a lot of impact on your energy consumption and bills subsequently. While hot water is an absolute necessity in winters, it surely doesn’t mean you have to set the temperature of the heater extensively high to meet the purpose. Setting it at an average temperature can adequately suffice the purpose.

So, what you need to do is make a trip to the basement or wherever the thermostat for your water heater is and see what temperature is it placed on. If it is above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to bring it down.

With every 10- degree, you actually save 3 to 5% on your energy bill. If you see some problem in the thermostat, you should immediately contact professional of water heater repair in Rosenberg to address the problem. You might be losing more energy than you know. An efficient thermostat is essential if you want to limit the bills.

2.   Get Your Water Tank Serviced

It is only natural for sediments to develop in your hot water tanks. With the continued usage and heating of water, sediments develop and start piling up. It is important that you call a team of water heater repair in Rosenberg that can execute the maintenance of the tank for you.

If you choose to ignore, the sediments will continue to pile up and resultantly the water heating process will become harder. It will require the water heater more time and energy to heat up the water in the tank. So, if you want to ensure that only a limited amount of energy is consumed so that you have lower energy bills to pay, it is important that you get the tank serviced by professionals of tank and water heater repair in Rosenberg. The entire process takes about fifteen minutes. So you do not have to even worry about getting any substantial amount of time consumed.

3.   Optimize Your Water Heater

Technology has numerous dimensions that can be highly beneficial for you in a variety of aspects. It, indeed, can make lives a whole lot easier and more efficient if you choose to integrate it effectively. When it comes to traditional form tank water heaters, more energy is utilized because the water gets heated consistently.

There is an option to optimize your hot water heater to make it more efficient and save energy. What you can do is install a timer on your water heater and program it according to your customized needs. There is no need for exerting unnecessary pressure on the unit that may lead to water heater repair in Rosenberg. Moreover, getting the timer installed can also save you from wastage of energy that takes place when the heater keeps on warming the water even when you don’t need it.

In some places, higher energy rates are charged during peak usage hours. So, if you install a timer on your water heater, it will ensure that the unit only works when you need it. You can get the service of any company of water heater repair in Rosenberg to do it for you and start a smart use of energy to save on bills.

4.   Insulate Your Hot Water Heater

The new hot water heaters come with insulation. This makes the possibility of heat loss exponentially low. However, if you have an old hot water heater, there is more chance of heat loss due to the weariness of the unit. This only adds up to the total energy consumption and ultimately reflects on your energy bill.

To curtail this problem, you can consider the option of insulating your old water heater. You can ask the professional of water heater repair in Rosenberg to install an insulation blanket. This will minimize heat loss and increase the efficiency of the unit.

5.   Replace the Old Hot Water Unit

Well, frequent water heater repair in Rosenberg can get troublesome. Not only you have to keep up with the high energy bills, but with maintenance and repair costs as well. So, the smarter approach is to get the unit replaced by a newer system that is more efficient. This will help you heat up the water faster and will consume lesser energy.

There are several options available for the modern hot water units including tank water heaters and tankless water heaters. You can consider your needs and the specifications of the unit and then decide which one to install.

The decision might get difficult for you because of the fortune it requires at the time of installation. But, you must consider this, too, that installing a more efficient unit will save you not just in the energy bills but the frequent cost of water heater repair in Rosenberg.

Hot water heaters have a definite lifetime. If you are using tank hot water heaters, their life expectancy is 15 years. For tankless water heater units, it exceeds 20 years on average. You can get more insight on hot water heaters and efficient energy use on our website. You can also call us on (281) 869-3955 and save $25.