Sugar Land Plumbers – The water pressure that enters your home can sometimes vary with being not enough or too much. When it comes to water pressure in residential homes it should be around fifty pounds to eighty pounds per square inch of pressure. If you fall on either side of these ranges then determining what the problem may be can require a little detective work or if you simply just do not have the time and would rather find professional Sugar Land plumbers to fix it for you then give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg a call today to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience and one of our professional and courteous Sugar Land plumbers will come on site, inspect the problem, find a resolution and take care of it for you.

However, if you would like to do the detective work yourself then a great place to begin will be to inspect your water meter. Some water meters have two cut off valves. One can be found before and the other after the water meter. However, most water meters will simply have one shut-off valve. The valves may be outside the meter but most can be found inside the meter. If your water meter appears to be rather old it may even require a special tool in order to cut it on or off.  Newer water meter models will usually have a colored handle that can be positioned up or down in order to turn off the water supply leading to your home.

Once you have located the water meter you will need to inspect the lever and ensure that it is fully turned all the way open, if not do so – then go back inside of your home and inspect the water pressure to see if this resolves the problem. If not then you will either need to reach out to a company like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg so that one of our professional Sugar Land plumbers can assist you or you can continue reading to see what else it may be.

If you have inspected the water meter and if there is any shut-off valves between the water being supplied to your home and the faucet or faucets that have low water pressure then the next thing you should do if it is a single faucet that has the problem is to inspect the faucet’s spout to see if it is clogged. Aerators are on the tip of most faucets and most can simply be unscrewed in order to remove them. If not you may need to use pliers in order to remove it and you  will need to be extremely careful to not damage the faucet’s finish.

Once you have successfully removed the aerator, there will be a small screen mesh or a plastic disc with very small holes that can be found inside of the aerator. Remove this and wash it off thoroughly. You may not be able to remove some of the debris and if so it is most likely deposits due to hard water and you can get rid of this by allowing the aerator to be soaked in vinegar for a few hours or overnight or you could simply go out and just purchase a new aerator.  If this appears to not be the problem the move on down to the following.

Incoming water pressure can be decreased due to a partial pipe break. It may be on the water utilities side and it may be on your side. You might first want to contact your water utility provider and have them inspect their equipment for problems. If they find none, then you will need to get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and have one of our professional and courteous Sugar Land plumbers take a look and find where the problem lies.

Problems that arise from low water pressure can be annoying at best and if the tips above have not resolved your problem then you are most likely going to need to seek out professional assistance from a professional plumbing repair company. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s Sugar Land plumbers can promptly and proficiently locate the problem for you, resolve it, and get the water pressure in your home back up to par with where you would like it to be. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for any plumbing related repairs, installation or maintenance requests.

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