Hot tubs are being installed more and more often in residential homes nowadays. Hot tubs provide a relaxing environment for one to be able to unwind in so why would a homeowner not want one installed in their home? If you have a hot tub or spa in your home and you are having problems with it and you need professional help then consider getting in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg to provide you with all of your Katy plumbing repairs, installation or maintenance needs.

When Hot Tubs Need Repair

Hot tubs come in two varieties; some are heated either by electricity or gas. Both will have jets that force out pressurized air which will create bubbles. You can usually find hot tubs located on the outdoors of a home where as a spa will usually be installed within a home. When it comes to selection, there are many different types and brands to choose from and none of which are going to be fairly cheap. Hot tubs are pretty big investment and when one breaks down you will not want just anyone working on it. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide you with superior and professional Katy plumbing repairs that you can count on time after time. You cannot go wrong in choosing Ben Franklin Plumbing if you are in need of hot tub repair or any other Katy plumbing related repairs, maintenance or installation needs.

Acrylic models are popular, containing built in heaters and filtering systems with many options available including massage jets. Before purchasing, potential owners should be aware that hot tubs substantially increase energy bills. Regular maintenance to ensure the tub is operating at peak performance will help to keep energy costs down and will decrease the need for hot tub repair while extending service life.

The Arthritis Foundation recommends persons with arthritis use a hot tub on a regular basis. The foundation credits the benefits to the warm water and the buoyant conditions of the tub to relieving pain, and over time, may develop muscle strength. When considering the benefits of owning your own hot tub it is easy to see why they are in increasing demand among homeowners.

Furthermore, we have to consider that public hot tubs are breeding grounds for germs and illness. Getting into a public hot tub is like taking a bath with everyone who has been in the tub since its last cleaning. Even though public facilities take care to maintain the cleanliness of a hot tub, it is not emptied and refilled every time someone uses it. As a result, the tub fills with germs which can be passed on. In addition, contact infection can result in the eyes, nose, and ears as well as in any cuts or scrapes on your body.

Hot tubs in the home will require maintenance in order to keep bacterial growth under control. They will need routine maintenance in monitoring and adjusting the pH levels, temperatures and routine cleanings.  It is good practice to always take a shower before you climb into a hot tub in order to help slow down the proliferation of bacteria. Usually, hot tubs will give very little trouble when they are properly and professionally cleaned on a routine basis and will be able to provide homeowners will pleasantries for many years to come before the hot tub will eventually need repair from a Katy plumbing company.

Though hot tubs contain chlorine, it isn’t enough to sterilize the water and prevent infections. This is true for hot tubs even more than swimming pools because the hot water can make the chlorine evaporate more quickly than it would in cold water. This doesn’t mean you should add more chlorine which can eventually damage the tub and rubber gaskets in pumps causing the need for hot tub repairs. Stick to recommended amounts. Shower before use and limit who is allowed to use it.

There are facts you should be aware if you have a preexisting medical condition. Discuss it with your doctor in advance. Pregnant women should stay out of hot tubs as temperatures over 102 degrees Fahrenheit can cause death of the fetus. Temperatures over 106 degrees Fahrenheit can cause stroke, heart attack, heat stroke, as well as other illnesses and even death in healthy adults. Persons with high blood pressure or other heart disease should keep the temperature at 100 degrees Fahrenheit or less and limit themselves to a maximum of 15 minutes in the hot tub. A temperature above 102-104 degrees Fahrenheit is not recommended under any circumstances. Verify the temperature with a separate thermometer as the thermostats are often incorrect.

The sun can degrade and damage the hot tub. Your best bet is to cover it when it isn’t in use to avoid damage and reduce hot tub repairs. Substandard water sanitization and the over-use of disinfectant can also damage the hot tub. Thus, maintaining the proper chemical balance in a hot tub is important.