The first step to cleaning your drain is to determine whether or not your drain is clogged.

 Spotting a Clogged Drain

Identifying potential risk factors and early signs that ask for a drain cleaning session will save you a lot of trouble dealing with a mountain of problems before it starts. Clogged drains can not only bring many inconveniences to your home but also tend to require expensive plumbing repairs.

Here are some warning signs your drain may be clogged and it is time to pay attention to drain cleaning in Sugar Land!

Slow Drainage

A slow draining sink is an early sign of a clogged drain. You should pay attention to the water flow of all your frequently used drains, as it would help in solving the problem before it becomes worse.

Foul Smell

All that waste that builds up in your drain produces a foul odor. The sticky substances glue themselves to the wall of the pipes and stick there permanently, hardening over time. This accumulation of debris is the start of a stinking drain and it provides a favorable growing place for bacteria.


Corrosion leads to rust, which is a good indicator of possible drain clogging. Rust occurs when iron in the water is exposed to humid air and saltwater. If you see a trail of rust throughout your metal drain, chances are it has already built inside the walls of your pipes. Immediately look for signs of clogged pipes to not let the problem grow its head!

Prevent Clogging by Proper Drain Cleaning in Sugar Land

Do you often leave broken hair strands behind after shower?

Do most of your leftover foods go in the garbage disposal?

The key to maintaining clean pipes is to look out for drain problems. Maintaining a clean drain is essential to avoiding troublesome issues later. Believe it or not, what looks like a quick simple fix today may turn out to be a significant issue if not dealt with promptly.

Below are some common drain types and things you can do to keep their pipes clean for regular drain cleaning in Sugar Land.

Maintaining the Kitchen Sink Drain

To keep your kitchen sink free of any clogged material, make sure the only things that go down the drain are soap and water. You should always scrape off and dispose of the food leftovers in the garbage bin before you wash the dishes.

When it comes to disposing of the food waste, try avoiding the use of a garbage disposal or grease cleaners. It is important that grease and oil never go down the kitchen sink or drain. Oil and grease take no time to stick to the sidewalls of your pipes and harden, clogging your drains.

Maintaining the Toilet Drain

Toilet drain maintenance revolves around a simple rule of thumb: the only two things you should flush down the toilet are tissue paper and water. Even though many baby wipes and cleansing cloths claim to not clog your toilet, they in all ways do. In fact, they are perhaps the leading cause of toilet clogs.

Furthermore, you should consider going for a less plush brand when buying toilet paper and make sure you do not flush down unnecessary amounts of tissue down the drain.

It is crucial to hammer these points home, as a clogged toilet can lead to some serious inconveniences.

Maintaining the Shower Drain

Having your feet soaked in an inch of water due to a slow drain is on every level a disgusting and annoying experience in the shower – you would agree! One of the best ways to deal with a clogged shower is to get a shower strainer that filters all soap scum and unwanted materials from going down your shower drain. A shower filter is not only super affordable but also low-maintenance. Since it is removable, you can easily clean it once a week.

Four Things You Should Avoid for Drain Cleaning in Sugar Land

Here are some things you should NOT do while taking care of your drain cleaning in Sugar Land.

1. Purchasing a Drain Cleaner from Your Local Hardware Store

These drain cleaners are only a good option when your drain is not very clogged. So, unless you have caught the clog early, buying one would only be a waste of money. Usually, a drain cleaner bought from a local hardware store may help with a temporary, quick fix but it would not address the root of the problem.

2. Running Hot Water and Vinegar Down Your Drains

Although vinegar and hot water may help break down the build-up debris, it will also damage your pipes in the process. You would not want to spend tons of money repairing and replacing your pipes now, would you?

3. Pouring Acidic Cleaners Down Your Drain

Acidic drain cleaners also cause internal damage to your pipes and are not safe for you or your family members. Similarly, disinfectants, solvents, and paints should also be avoided at all cost for the same reason.

4. Cleaning Your Drain by Yourself

Attempting drain cleaning in Sugar Land on your own can seriously be dangerous. Snake, a long steel cable used for drain cleaning can snap and cut anything including you if coiled incorrectly. Hence, if you have not used a snake coil before, you should consider getting help from a professional.

A professional, licensed plumber may solve your clogged drain problems swiftly and hassle-freely, and take perfect care of your drain cleaning in Sugar Land. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg is an exceptional plumbing company that caters to all your needs related to plumbing and drain cleaning in Sugar Land.