Chances are that you never think about your water heater, unless you get into the shower only to find out you do not have warm water. This would be the least pleasing experience ever. Even if your heater doesn’t warm your water up, this does not necessarily mean you would need to get it replaced.

Water heaters are meant to fail. This is because they have to carry water 24 hours a day and throughout the season. Constant heating and cooling, expanding and contracting inside a metal container and continuous exposure to water is only meant to result into the heater wearing out.

According to the experts of water heater repair in Sugar Land, there are several reasons that might be leading you to experience hot water problems. For instance, the pilot light needs to be lit in a gas-powered heater or the circuit breaker of your electric water heater tripped. So, before going for a water heater repair in Sugar Land, check for these two problems.

Sometimes the heating elements also fail especially in the older heating systems, leading to a failure. These elements are not too expensive to replace.

In Houston, the water is sediment rich, which makes our heater more prone to building up sediments. Therefore, if you hear clunking or banging sounds in the heater or the pipelines nearby, there are chances that there is significant sediment build up in your tanks.

It is important that you get your water heaters maintained on a regular basis by the experts of water heater repair in Sugar Land. This will make sure that your heaters have a long life. They will also flush the heater tank, which reduces the chances of it corroding and also increases the room for more water inside the tank.

6 Signs Your Water Heater Needs to Be Replaced

1.  It’s Old

In general, the water heaters are designed to last for about 10 years according to the experts of water heater repair in Sugar Land. This may vary depending on the areas, and the individual usage. After this time, they need to be replaced. Sediment and rust keep building up due to the continuous cycles of heating and cooling, which expands and contracts the metal body of the container. This sometimes results in a clog which causes water heater failures. Water heater repair in Sugar Land can help fix the problem only till a certain stage, but after that, you would definitely need to replace the heater.

2.  Water Doesn’t Get Sufficiently Hot

Heaters or their heating elements lose their effectiveness over time, one reason of this happening is the sediment build up in the tanks that keeps the water from warming up properly. This is one of the major signs of a failing water heating system. if the water isn’t heating up at all, or isn’t heating as much as you would like it to, you should call a professional for water heater repair in Sugar Land.

If the heater is not quite old, he might just replace the heating elements of the heater, otherwise you might as well need to look in to buying a new one altogether.

3.  Water Heater is Rusting

According to what the water heaters have to go through to serve their purpose, they are bound to have limited lives. Due to staying in contact with water all the time, they are likely to catch rust and corrode both on the insides as well as on the outsides. This reduces the life of the heaters and may also result leaking of the tank.

This leads to an increased need for water heater repair in Sugar Land.

4.  Running Out of Hot Water

Even if you have a 45-gallon water heater capacity, there might still not be enough warm water for you to shower. This is because of the sediment buildup inside the tanks. Water in the supply contains various contaminants including minerals, sand and other particles.

These start to build up on the bottom of the tank. After having used the heater for several years, there is enough sediment built-up that it reduces the water storage capacity of the water heater. Another reason for this sediment could be using hard water in the house. Heating up hard water results in creating a solid mass inside the tanks. These can also result in reduction of the water capacity of the water heaters.

5.  Leaking Water Heater

Water dripping from your water heater is a matter of concern. However, it is not necessarily a reason for getting your heater replaced. It could also be because of the pipes leading to or from the heater, or from the pressure relief valve of the water heater.

Only a plumber expert in water heater repair in Sugar Land can figure out the severity of the matter, and advise you about the options you have according to your situation.

6.  Banging Sounds from Water Heater

Sediments are again a culprit in the situation. Sediments from contaminants in water or the minerals in hard water result in particles building up inside the tank. Upon staying there for prolonged periods, the sediments turn in to large solid masses.

As the solid mass moves around in the tank, when the tank is refilled after draining, the particles hit the sides of the tank walls causing annoying the banging sounds. While these sounds are not harmful themselves, these obviously mean you have a reduced water capacity in the tank.

And once the buildup has reached this point, simply draining the tank would not help as much. You might need to get the heater replaced. However, it is advised that you get it tested from water heater repair in Sugar Land just to be sure.

If you too are facing hot water issues at your home, wait no further to call experts of water heater repair in Sugar LandBenjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg is just a call away.