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The water pressure that enters your home can vary at times; either too much or too little. The average range for water pressure in most homes is around 50 -80 psi (pounds per square inch).  If you are having problems with the water pressure in your home, determining what is causing this could require a little effort in your part.

Water Meter

The first place you should have a look at is at the water meter itself. Some water meters have two shutoff valves. The first valve will be located before the meter connects to your mainline and the second valve will be after the meter. However, most homes will usually just have one shut-off valve at their water meter.  Older water meters may require a cut off tool in order to shut the water on or off. Newer models, on the other hand, will most likely have a colored handle that will be able to be adjusted by moving the handle up or down in order to the shut water on or off at the meter.  If the shut-off valve is not all the way open, it can reduce the amount of water pressure that is entering your home.


Now, if you are experiencing low water pressure at only a single outlet in your home, inspect that the outlet’s shut-off valve is fully open. If it is open, then your next step should be to remove the aerator from the tip of the faucet. Aerators are usually threaded onto the faucet and you should be able to easily unscrew the aerator.  If you are having difficulty unscrewing the aerator you can try to use some pliers but be careful with using them as they can damage the finish to the faucet.

Once you have accomplished removing the aerator from the faucet, you should see a very small screen or a plastic disc of sorts that will have very small holes in it. If there is any visible debris, wash these filters thoroughly to remove any gunk or debris. If there is an accumulation of limescale on the filters for the aerator you can leave it in a small bowl of white vinegar for a few hours to remove these hard water deposits.  If you are unable to remove the hard water build-up then you can visit any hardware store, or home supply store and purchase a replacement aerator for your faucet.  If you need assistance from a professional plumber in Houston, TX with your faucet with repair, replacement or installation, you can give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg a call.


Most showerheads will work much like faucets. If you are experiencing low water pressure coming from your shower head you can attempt to clean it in the same fashion as you would with an aerator to a faucet. If hard water is a problem in your area you may consider installing a whole-house filtration system to take care of the hard water for you. If you are unable to get water to freely come thru your shower head you can either replace it or contact a professional plumber in Houston, TX to assist you.

Water Heaters

If you have a water heater in your home that is more than ten years old, it may be time to consider replacing it. A newer, more modern water heater will pay for itself in added innovations that will help reduce the costs of operating one. However, if yours is fairly new you may be better off seeking help from a professional plumber in Houston, TX to assist you in inspecting the water heater and making the necessary repairs.

Monitoring your Water Pressure

You can find water pressure gauges at most local hardware stores and home supply stores. You can purchase one and attach it to a faucet on the outside of your home. In order to check the water pressure, you will turn the valve on and the gauge will display the amount of water pressure that is entering your home.

If the incoming water pressure to your home is low, you could contact your local water utility company to check and see if they are doing any form of maintenance that may result in the yield of low water pressure or it could possibly be one of their equipment is failing and will need to be fixed.

Water supply lines also can become corroded over time and leak water into the ground. This leakage will also cause low water pressure that enters a home. If this is a possibility then a licensed and professional plumber in Houston, TX will need to be called in order to determine what the issue is.

Whenever water pressure is too high it can also wreak damage across a home’s plumbing system. In cases where the water pressure entering your home is too high, you will need to have a regulator installed.

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