Plumber in Houston, TX – If you have ever noticed a soapy-like film on your dishes and bathroom tiles then chances are you have hard water. Hard water can affect quite a bit in your home, this is especially true when it comes to your faucets and showerheads. Hard water build-up will eventually clog up showerheads, reducing its water flow and when this happens you need to either replace the showerhead, use a concoction that can eliminate the hard water build-up or contact a plumber in Houston, TX for service.

Believe it or not, distilled vinegar is a cheap, effective and environmentally friendly product that you can use in the removal of hard water build-up. It accomplishes this due to the fact that distilled vinegar is acidic, these acidic compounds break apart the limescale build-up and with that can make the showerhead operate as if it were brand new.

Some people claim that vinegar can possibly damage brass finishes. If so, it would be wise to test the surface of your shower head with vinegar to ensure that it will not damage the finish before following up with using distilled vinegar as a compound to remove limescale residue from your showerhead.

Below we will go over two methods that will provide a showerhead with a distilled vinegar method of cleaning:

The First Method

If your showerhead is able to be removed then it should simply be able to be taken down by unscrewing it from the attachment. In order to protect the showerhead finish, you should use a thick piece of cloth, leather or even rubber in between the wrench and the showerhead when attempting to loosen it.

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Once you have removed the showerhead, find a pot large enough to accommodate the showerhead and pour enough vinegar into the pot so that it will be completely submerged in the vinegar. Turn on your stovetop and heat the vinegar until it begins to simmer. When heating the vinegar do not place the showerhead in the pot. Once the vinegar has begun to simmer, remove it from the stovetop, and then place the showerhead into the simmering distilled vinegar. Before doing this did you ensure that vinegar will not damage the showerhead’s finish? If your showerhead has any plastic parts, such as the aerator, the plastic parts will also need to be removed before you soak the showerhead in the hot distilled vinegar. If you are unable to remove the plastic parts then an alternative method is to use room-temperature vinegar and allow the showerhead to soak in it overnight.

Once you have removed any plastic parts attached to the showerhead, allow it to soak in the distilled vinegar for a few hours. Depending on how much limescale buildup there is, you may end up having to repeat this process or you may be able to remove the softened buildup by using a soft toothbrush. If you need assistance from a plumber in Houston, TX then give us a ring today.

Once all of the limescale build-ups have been removed, visually inspect the showerhead for any remaining signs of limescale, especially in the holes. If you notice any you can try using a paper clip or a toothpick to carefully remove the softened limescale, then rinse off the showerhead and let it dry. Once it has dried, apply a few layers of Teflon tape clockwise to the pipe where the shower head attaches too, and then reattach the showerhead. If you need help from a professional plumber in Houston, TX or need assistance with other plumbing problems then give us a call.

The Second Method

The second method to cleaning a shower head is to make use of a leak-proof bag that you will fill with distilled vinegar. You will secure the bag to the showerhead by using thick rubber bands and then fill the bag with distilled vinegar. You will leave the vinegar-filled bag in place overnight.

When you attach the bag to the showerhead and fill it with distilled vinegar, ensure that the vinegar covers all of the areas of the showerhead that has limescale build-up. In the morning, the limescale build-up should have either come loose or have softened up enough that you will be able to pluck the remaining bits of limescale loose from the showerhead or brush it off with a soft toothbrush. If you need any assistance and would much rather have a professional plumber in Houston, TX do this for you, then give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg a call to establish an appointment.

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