Many homeowners are using wet wipes nowadays with their regular cleaning routine.  Wet wipes are very convenient, especially for quick clean-ups on countertops, basins and cleaning our bodies as well. It’s also becoming more popular nowadays with using wet wipes when cleaning ourselves after using the toilet. There are many uses for wet wipes which include cleaning things such as: cabinets, ceiling fans, compact discs, counter tops, keyboards, computer mice, monitors, electronics, televisions, lamps, mirrors, walls, fans, removing makeup, our face and hands as well as bathroom uses.

With the popularity of wet wipes growing, there’s a new trend arising with clogged plumbing due to these wipes.  Just because they are disposable does not mean that they should be flushed, even when they are used to clean yourself.   Even if the label states that the wipes are flushable you should never flush them down your toilet under any circumstances.

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You should be cautious about wet wipes because the fact is that they not only can and will clog up your plumbing pipes but they will do damage to the pipes as well.  Houston plumbers will often educate homeowners that have been suffering from clogged drains not to flush these wet wipes, especially considering if the Houston plumber finds out that the clogged drain is due to wet wipes getting stuck within the Houston plumbing system.

Wet wipes are sturdy and not easily degradable.  If there are for example tree roots that have penetrated the sewer pipes; regular toilet paper will degrade and pass through but wet wipes will not be so lucky to do so due to their sturdiness.  The likeliness is almost impossible for it to pass through the tree roots and they will most likely latch onto the roots as they try and pass through the sewer pipes.  Every time more wet wipes are flushed down the toilet they will continue to accumulate into the pipes until a very tough clog is formed.

A tough clog formed from wet wipes can be a very disastrous problem to fix.  The first thing professional Houston plumbers will do to try and dislodge a clog is to use a plumbers snake. If the clog is too big the snake will most likely fail at dislodging the clog. The next attempt would be to use hydro jetting to forcefully attempt to use the high pressure water to dislodge the clog.  However, if the clog is thick enough and worse yet has accumulated over a very long period of time then the hydro jetting may fail as well.  The only option left at this point would be to tear up the sewer lines to manually remove the clog or replace the pipes altogether; which can be a very expensive fix for the home owner . There is no reason to fear using wet wipes in your bathroom. Just never flush them down the toilet. Dispose of them properly in the waste bin.

Toilet repair and drain cleaning are two ways to help rid you of clogs that were due to wet wipes being flushed. There are multiple ways to handle the problem and this all depends on how the Houston plumbers choose to handle the clog. Drain cleaning is maintenance that should be done on a year basis in every household, and it is very useful for all types of drains.  If you have a stubborn clog in your drain that just won’t seem to go away or worse yet the clog is backing up wasting water in your home then give us a call. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you have.  We will schedule a convenient time to come to your home and fix your sink at your earliest convenience.

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