Cross-linked polyethylene tubing, more commonly referred to as PEX pipe, and has revolutionized piping in the plumbing market. This flexible tubing is safe for potable water, bends around obstructions and it can be installed in long pipe runs using fewer fittings. Furthermore, PEX pipe is also light weight, drastically cuts down the time required to install it in new home builds, and / or in the replacement of existing home builds plumbing in Houston, TX.

The ability of PEX piping to be installed in long runs means that fewer fittings are required, quickly installed with clamps, eliminating the unnecessary need for soldering copper pipe, or the cleaning and gluing process required with PVC pipe. Additionally, due to PEX piping’s ability to be used in longer runs it reduces the number of elbows needed. PEX piping also provides greater water pressure in outlets found inside of the home.

Growing Popularity

Estimations show that the usage of PEX piping has grown by 40% each year. There is also evidence suggesting that within the next decade, PEX piping will be the dominant piping material used in plumbing in Houston, TX applications, as well as throughout the entire nation.

Resists Freezing

PEX pipes offer additional advantages over rigid plumbing. Due to PEX’s flexibility, it has the ability for slight expansion when freezing occurs. This does not mean that PEX will not freeze; whenever the weather is cold enough it will freeze like any other plumbing in Houston, TX. PEXs flexibility means, however, that it may be less likely to burst as a result of freezing unlike PVC pipe.

It is also currently one of the most commonly used pipe plumbing materials in new home builds across the states. Its flexibility provides for a smooth and easy installation for replumbing in tight areas where copper or PVC would not be able to go. Whenever you are looking for a functional, cost effective solution to replace or replumb your home, PEX may be the option that you are looking for.

PEX Pipe is Cost Effective

PEX is popular for multiple reasons, one of which is cost. The reasonable cost for PEX materials, including the reduced number of fittings that are required and the fact that it is usually an installation friendly product, means that PEX is a cost effective option for plumbing in Houston, TX.

PEX Pipe and Performance

From a perspective of performance, PEX pipe is more resistant to chemicals that are commonly found in water systems than in traditional plumbing materials. PEX does not corrode over time. PEX resists the buildup of corrosive materials and minerals that can accumulate and clog copper and other types of plumbing.

Don’t Use PEX Outdoors

PEX pipes do however have two drawbacks. The first, it is not suitable for outdoor plumbing applications. While it does resist freeze damage indoors, it will not hold up under extreme cold. The second drawback is that PEX should never be exposed to the UV rays from the sunlight. This will degrade PEX and ultimately cause it to fail. For these reasons alone, PEX plumbing should only be used for indoor plumbing applications.

The Technology of Modern Plastic Pipes

In the past plastic plumbing earned itself a bad name. PEX pipe, however, is an entirely different material that has been perfected in the 30 years of usage. The product never corrodes nor develops pinhole leaks that plagued early plastic piping.


PEX pipe can be connected to existing copper or even PVC water pipe systems with the usage of adapters. PEX pipe is suitable for hot and cold water and it is coded to avoid confusion. Red is typically for hot water pipes, whereas, blue is typically for cold water pipes.


PEX pipe when used in vulnerable indoor areas can be insulated using foam wrap insulation to assist in protecting your home’s plumbing in Houston, TX from freezing.

PEX pipe has proven itself to be a reliable and almost maintenance free plumbing product. If you are currently in the process of a new home build or are in the process of repiping an existing home, contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg plumber for an estimate of replacement of your homes existing plumbing in Houston, TX.

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