The water pressure entering a home can vary being too much or too little.  The usable range in a home is 50 lbs to 80 lbs per square inch or psi. Determining the problem can involve a little detective work.Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg provides leak detection in Houston, Texas and the surrounding metropolitan area. If you suspect that you have a leak and need assistance, you can count on Ben Franklin Plumbing’s professional and courteous plumbers to get the job done promptly, professionally and with none to minimal damage to your home in locating the leak and fixing it right away.

A good place to start in finding why your home has low water pressure is with your water meter. Some meters have two cut off valves one before and the second after the meter. Most will have at least one. The valves may be outside the meter but most are inside the meter. They can be older models that require a cut off tool. Or it may be a newer meter with a colored handle that moves up or down by hand to cut the water on or off at the meter. Make sure the valve is cut all the way on. If it isn’t, this can reduce your water pressure.

If low pressure is only at a single faucet check to make sure its cut off valve is fully open. If it is, next remove its aerator from the tip of the faucet spout. Aerators are threaded and you may be able to unscrew it with your hand. If not you will need pliers. Be careful not to damage the finish. For leak detection in Houston, Texas give us a call today.

Once the aerator is removed, there will be a small screen or a plastic disc with holes in it inside the aerator. Wash it off with water to remove visible debris. You may have to soak it in vinegar to remove hard water deposits that can stop it up. If the aerator is damaged or hard water debris won’t come off after soaking in vinegar take it to a hardware store, home supply store or plumbing store and buy a replacement.

If it is a shower head where water is restricted remove the shower head and clean it as you did with the aerator. If water won’t come through it freely replace the shower head.

Small pieces of white plastic in your aerators or shower heads indicate the breakdown of the circulating tube inside your water heater. These can clog anything that uses water. If you need help with the plumbing in your bathroom, leak detection in Houston, Texas or any other plumbing related problem, you can count on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to be there for you.

If your hot water heater is ten years old or older it is best to replace the water heater. If yours is relatively new it may be worthwhile to have your plumber replace the tube. All water lines and fixtures will require checking for the tubes debris.

You can purchase a water pressure gauge and attach it to an outside faucet then turn the valve on and the gauge will show the water pressure entering your home.

If your incoming pressure is low contact your water utility so they can check their equipment for problems. Water supply lines can corrode and leak water into the ground, causing a low water pressure entering your home. A licensed plumber may have to be contacted to determine if the problem is the utility companies, or your homes problem.

When a water supply has pressure so high it can damage a home’s plumbing a regulator is usually installed. Over time these corrode and can even rust through. Your water can become restricted, or it can allow too much pressure to pass through possibly damaging your plumbing or even appliances. The regulators may be under ground, requiring a licensed plumber to check them and replace if necessary. These tips will normally resolve most low pressure problems. If not contact your plumber to find out the cause and solve the problem.

Low water pressure can also be a sign of a leak somewhere inside or outside of your home. For professional leak detection in Houston, Texas contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg and one of our expert plumbers will come out to your home and with state of the art leak detection equipment, they will determine where the leak is coming from and fix it for you all with none to minimal damage to your home or lawn. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is the leader in leak detection in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Call us today.