High or Low Water Pressure May Be a Warning

A plumber in Sugar Land will rarely hear a complaint when the water pressure is too high. Unfortunately, high water pressure can damage your plumbing system and waste water. On the other hand, low water pressure is terribly frustrating as you try to rinse shampoo from your hair, and soap from your body, or try to fill a container with water. If your normal water pressure has veered in either direction, it most likely indicates a problem. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg for a diagnosis and solution to water pressure problems.

If you think the water pressure in your home has changed, either too high or too low — a water pressure gauge from the local hardware store will reveal your water’s pressure. The gauge screws on to an outdoor faucet, or potentially a kitchen faucet.  An acceptable water pressure level is typically considered between 50 and 80 PSI. If the reading is consistently on either side of this range, the cause will need to be determined. A licensed plumber in Sugar Land can determine the cause.

High Water Pressure

High water pressure can result in leaks, water hammer occurring in the pipes and may damage plumbing and water using appliances. High water pressure typically results from the municipal water supply. Providing an adequate water pressure for fire hydrants and high rises, or a community location at a higher elevations requires a higher pressure in order to deliver it. This results in high water pressure entering the home. A pressure-reducing valve will reduce the incoming pressure to your home, and may already be installed at the water meter. Unfortunately, they require fairly routine replacement due to corrosion and the outdoor location. Replacement requires cutting into the home’s main water supply at the meter, and calls for the skills of a qualified plumber in Sugar Land.  

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure may also be due to the pressure supplied by your water authority. In this situation a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Sugar Land can also assist you. In addition, water leaks, clogged faucet aerators, or corroding piping may cause low water pressure. Replacement of faucet aerators, or cleaning them with a vinegar soak may solve the problem.

A call to your supplier should identify municipally supplied low pressure. Furthermore, when it occurs on an intermittent frequency, it may be municipally provided maintenance or repairs occurring.

In addition, those with outdated galvanized pipes are especially likely to experience pipe corrosion, and a potential sign is dirty water when you first turn on a tap. Corrosion can result in a water leak, and poses a serious threat to your home and its foundation for water damage. Check the water meter, if it’s spinning with no water being used in the home, a leak is present. If not, after assuring no water is used in the home for one hour, and shutting off automatic water users such as the ice maker and sprinkler system, write down the reading. Check it in a hour and compare. If the numbers have changed a leak is verified. Corroded piping and the repair of a water leak calls for the services of a plumber in Sugar Land. 

Don’t delay calling a plumber in Sugar Land for a diagnosis and plumbing repair to avoid damage to the plumbing system, or your home. A change in water pressure may indicate a problem with your home’s plumbing, and you want to ensure the protection of your investment. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg offers licensed plumbers with the expertise to ensure quality plumbing services that meet, and/or exceed the industry standards. Our dedication to superior service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Ben Franklin is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. We serve Sugar Land, Katy, Houston and the surrounding areas.