The plumbing in your home runs throughout it, under the floors, in the walls, and even buried beneath the lawn. A water leak can occur in any of the plumbing, and depending on the location and the size of the water leak, can be difficult to detect. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg offers effective leak detection with the latest technology for fast and efficient repair. Contact our plumbers in Houston today.

A leak can cause serious damage to your home and its foundation, and calls for fast location of the leak, and its repair. You can’t simply ignore a leak, and that’s why you want to call a plumber for leak detection.

Many homeowner’s won’t even know they have a leak until they receive an abnormally high water bill without any explanation. If you have pressure washed your home and drive recently, that is a reasonable explanation for a slightly higher than normal water bill. Otherwise, you may have a leak.

Walk around your home inside and out and look for puddling water or signs of dampness. Check in the areas you seldom go, such as the basement, and the attic if water lines are present there. If you are unable to see the signs of a leak, provide the water meter test. Ensure all water using appliances are shut off, such as the ice maker or sprinkler system. Open the cover on the water meter and jot down the numbers there. For the next hour don’t use any water in or outside the home. Check the reading on the meter again, if the reading has changed it’s likely you have a leak. When you are confident a leak is present in your home, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Houston for leak detection and repair.

Our plumbers in Houston are leak detection specialists equipped with the latest technologies, and possessing the expertise to ensure professional quality plumbing services. Identifying and repairing a leak as early as possible is essential in minimizing damage to your home. The following are signs of a leak:

  • An elevated water bill is often the first indication of a leak
  • When a leak is in a hot water line, the energy bill is also typically elevated
  • A hot water leak beneath a slab floor may cause hot spots
  • Mold and mildew are likely to develop and are often accompanied by a musty odor
  • Wet carpet
  • Damp and damaged drywall
  • Warped flooring
  • Cracked or discolored tiles or linoleum
  • Rotten wood
  • The sound of running water
  • The pooling of water near the foundation

Protect Your Home

Sources of water leaks are more than just the pipes that comprise the plumbing system. Malfunctioning appliances, leaky appliance hoses and water supply lines to fixtures and appliances may also leak. Flood sensors can provide you with an early warning that a leak has occurred. Basic alarms sound off during a leak, while alarms with advanced features can be integrated into the security system, message you on a mobile phone and even offer the technology of shutting off the water when a leak occurs. Contact our plumbers in Houston for additional information or to schedule installation.

When you suspect a water leak, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg. Our plumbers in Houston will provide advanced leak detection and water line repair. You can rely on the expertise of our plumbers in Houston to receive professional results. We serve Houston, Sugar Land, Katy and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.