From the late 1970’s to the mid 1990’s, Polybutylene pipe was frequently installed in new homes. It was a lower cost alternative and was expected to be the material of choice for plumbing in Arlington in new home construction for the decades to come.

Unfortunately, Polybutylene started to fail after just ten years of use. The material experienced deterioration and breakdown due to a sensitivity to the chemicals used in the treatment of water. The results were catastrophic failure of the Polybutylene plumbing in Arlington nationwide, causing extensive damage to property from water leaks. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Sugar Land can provide the pipe replacement you need.

It is not a question of ‘if’ Polybutylene piping will fail, but when. The risks associated with the piping include:

  • Flooding
  • Mold and mildew
  • Higher insurance premiums or loss of insurance coverage
  • Ruined furnishings
  • Damage to your home
  • Inability to sell a home with Polybutylene piping
  • Mortgage lenders deny loans for home’s with Polybutylene

Give us a call, our plumbers’ can replace your home’s plumbing in Arlington with reliable, modern pipe material.

Identifying Polybutylene Piping

  • Polybutylene is a type of plastic pipe that may be located indoors and/or outdoors. It may serve as your water’s main incoming water supply line from the water meter. It is typically blue, gray, or black.
  • The pipe typically is stamped with “PB” and a series of numbers. The stamp “PB2110” was common.

In addition, copper pipe may  exit the wall to the fixture, and Polybutylene may be out of sight inside the wall. Homeowners are often not aware that the pipe is in their home.

Polybutylene pipe wears from the inside out due to exposure to chemicals in the water, such as the water treatment chemical chlorine, and also minerals in the water. The inner surface weakens, and can flake or scale, resulting in fractures and leaks. With the damage being inside the pipe, it is difficult to determine the pipe condition from an outside examination. Sudden leaks can occur without any warning, and the resulting damage is typically severe and costly. The pipe is not reliable, and should be replaced as soon as possible. In fact, the only thing you can rely on in Polybutylene pipe, is that it will leak.

Before purchasing a home with Polybutylene pipe, you should consider that insurance companies are likely to cancel a policy, with a large number refusing to grant policies for homes known to contain the pipe. In addition, a home with this pipe should be depreciated in value, and may have unidentified damage. If you are intent on purchasing the home, hire a plumber and contractor independent of the standard home inspector to provide a quote for repiping, and to inspect for water damage, and mold. A Benjamin Franklin licensed plumber can provide a quote, and the repiping of your plumbing in Sugar Land that you need.

Ben Franklin plumbers can determine if your home contains defective Polybutylene plumbing in Sugar Land, and provide the repiping that you need with reliable, modern pipe material. Our licensed, plumbers in Sugar Land have the expertise to ensure efficient, professional repipe on your home with Ben Franklin’s guaranteed results.

If your home is piped with Polybutylene pipe, the only solution is to replace it as soon as possible. Repiping is the cost effective solution, if provided before damage occurs in your home. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for a plumber in Sugar Land to provide an estimate, and/or repiping of your plumbing in Sugar Land. Our plumbing services are backed by the Benjamin Franklin 100% satisfaction guarantee. We serve Sugar Land, Katy, Houston and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.