The commercial plumbing industry has produced a number of advancements with a positive impact on protecting the health of workers, and the public in the restrooms and wash stations in all facilities. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Houston can provide the plumbing upgrades, installation, and repair that you need.

Restrooms are often viewed as a reflection of the facility, and the management responsible for its upkeep. Today’s plumbing products for public restrooms and employee restrooms are designed to promote the following goals:

  • Maximizing hygiene, and improving health as a direct result
  • Improving convenience and safety in the restrooms
  • Reducing maintenance and operational costs
  • Using sustainable building practices
  • Extending the lifespan of products, and reducing repair

Hands Free Fixtures

Hands free plumbing fixtures attain many of these goals. Hands free fixtures assist in maintaining a healthy environment, as they reduce the number of hand to product transmission of biological contaminants such as viruses and bacteria to faucets, sinks, hand dryers, soap and towel dispensers.

This adds an extra level of protection for visitors, clients, and employees. Hands-free fixtures are convenient and simple to operate, and easier to clean and maintain. The hands-free design also reduces wear and tear from usage, providing a longer-lasting product and a reduced need for repair by a plumber in Houston.

In addition, hands-free faucets reduce water and energy costs by turning off automatically when the user finishes, and are available as a low flow fixture. This prevents higher water and energy bills due to a faucet left running.

High-speed touchless hand dryers promote hygienic hand drying without the paper waste, expense, and extra maintenance of paper dispensers. Today’s hand dryers feature higher energy efficiency, using significantly less electricity than previous models. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Houston can provide the professional plumbing services your facility requires.

Sustainable Materials Offer Benefits

Due to the current environmental concerns, a growing number of manufacturers are integrating sustainable materials into restroom products, with the added benefit of providing easier maintenance, reduced chemical emissions, and an extended lifespan. This means these new plumbing products are contributing to environmental sustainability and improved indoor air quality.

New Technology Addresses Safety & Maintenance Issues

Wet floors in restrooms are a problem with the potential to affect users’ safety and facility maintenance. Today’s technology provides a solution to the dangers of wet floors with a handwashing fixture that contains soap dispensing, faucet and hand dryer in one unit. This eliminates dripping water on the floor walking to a hand dryer, providing a cleaner and safer restroom for visitors and employees.

Investing in high-quality commercial plumbing fixtures provides advantages in water and energy savings, improved hygiene, safety, and convenience, along with reduced maintenance, repair, and replacement of restroom fixtures. If you are interested in upgrading your facility restrooms, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg .

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