When you have a water heater making a popping sound, the noise is due to the build-up of sediment at the bottom of the appliance. Over time, minerals from hard water accumulate and form deposits that continue to accumulate inside the tank. However, regular maintenance with flushing of the tank can help remove these sediments. If popping noises are still occurring, additional water heater repair in Katy by your plumber may be needed.

Resolving the Sediment Behind a Noisy Water Heater

Turn the control knob on a gas water heater to “Pilot.” If you have an electric water heater, turn it to “Off.” You may need to shut an electric water heater off in the home’s electric service panel.

Next, turn off the water supply to the water heater. If your tank lacks a shutoff valve on the cold-water inlet pipe located on top of the tank, or near the bottom, you can shut the water off at the home’s water main, or on the water meter.

Attach a garden hose to the drain fitting. This is often located at the bottom of the tank. Place a thick towel below the connection in the event the garden hose leaks. Allow the hose to drain outside or into a large bucket which will require frequent emptying. Open a faucet near the water heater, then carefully open the drain valve where the garden hose is attached and water allows to drain completely.

Using an oven mitt or towel, close the drain valve and disconnect the garden hose. Be cautious as the drain valve and garden hose will be hot. Hold the hose up to prevent hot water from draining back onto you. Ensure the drain valve doesn’t leak after the procedure and tighten it if needed.

Turn the water back on, and when the air has been bled out of the water lines at the open faucet, shut the faucet off.

Turn the power back on to an electric water heater, and a gas water heater back to “on”.

If the popping sound persists after flushing, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber for water heater repair in Katy. Annual flushing will help to maintain the appliance’s efficiency. An alternate method of flushing after an initial complete flush is to drain 2-3 quarts every 2-3 months. This prevents the need for completely emptying the tank. However, if you are uncomfortable with providing this maintenance task, our plumbers can provide it and any other water heater repair in Katy that you require.

Popping sounds and sediment shouldn’t be ignored. As sediment builds up in the bottom of the water heater, the appliance’s ability to heat water becomes more difficult and more costly as the heating must occur through the thick deposits of scale. Routine maintenance preserves performance maintains efficiency and extends the appliances life span, saving you money in the long run. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber to schedule water heater repair in Katy.

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