Clogged drains are a common plumbing problem. The incorrect disposal of cooking grease, overuse of garbage disposals can resulted in clogged kitchen drains and are frequent culprits of pipe-clogging sewer problems. Prevention is the best means of avoiding clogged drains. Being cautious of pouring grease, oil or overloading the garbage disposal or improperly using it will go a long way in drain care. Scheduling periodic drain cleaning by a licensed plumber in Katy will prevent most drain clogs.

By utilizing the following information it is possible to prevent clogged drains. First, we will look at what should not go down the drain.


Proper dispose of grease, fats and oils – You scrape plates and pans, and still end up with grease clogs. Though you scrape plates grease residue from fried and fatty foods will remain on the plates and pans. Even these small amounts will build up and eventually form a stubborn clog.

Consequently, as grease builds up, it can trap food particulates, hair and soap scum enlarging the clog and forming a solid matrix. As the clog grows, slow drainage occur, and eventually no drainage at all. Once slow drains or no drainage occurs, or a completely blocked drain. Sewer backup can occur at this point. Once a drain reaches this point the only option is to hire a plumber in Katy. Water jetting is an efficient means of cleaning drains and sewer lines, and is in fact, the only means of efficiently clearing a grease clog.

Drain screens are helpful in preventing clogs catching debris that is too large to pass through. Drain screens will catch hair and large particles of food for example. This will assist in preventing a matrix that will form a stubborn clog and can damage field lines for homes with septic tanks. Empty the screen often.

Kitchen Disposal

Each disposal comes with an owner’s manual and general use and care instructions. Generally the guidelines include:

  • Do not place hard items into the disposal that may damage the blades and clog the drain. Hard items include bone; peach or cherry pits; stringy or fibrous foods such as poultry skin, celery, greens, corn husks, banana peels, potato or onion skins; starchy foods that can swell and clog the disposal or drain such as rice or pasta. Don’t place paper, meat trays, plastic or metal into the disposal.
  • To ensure complete flushing of ground up food waste, turn the water on before operating and leave on. Insert small amounts and small pieces of food waste until complete. Allow the water to continue running for 20 – 30 seconds after you are through using the disposal to flush the drain and disposal of debris. Use only cold water while the garbage disposal is operating, but hot water may be used at any other time.
  • To help clean the disposal blades use a few ice cubes or frozen vinegar cubes in the disposal once a month. Vinegar deodorizes the disposal helping to keep odors down.

Preventing Stopped Up Toilets

Toilets are for human waste and bath tissue only. Common items that lead to a stopped up toilet are cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes and other wipes, diapers, paper towels, rubber or plastic products. An excess of bath tissue can lead to a clogged toilet, know your toilets limit and flush more often if necessary.

The brand and type of bath tissue may lead to a clogged toilet and can be bad for septic tank systems. Test your tissue by placing a few sheets in a clear glass and fill with water. You want to use tissue that breaks up into small pieces very quickly. If the paper is still mostly intact select a different brand to avoid septic tank problems and the need for a plumber in Katy to unclog a toilet.

Clogged Drain or Sewer Line

The sign of a sewer line issue is when all drains and toilets are experiencing a drainage problem. A problem in a single location is more likely to indicate a clogged drain in that location only. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy can safely clear your drain or clogged sewer pipe, restoring free flow and providing clean drains.

Using a Plunger

A plunger can resolve minor clogs. If clogs continue to be a problem, it likely indicates an issue requiring the services of a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy.

Drain and Sewer Services

Slow drains, no drainage and/or backed-up drains require a plumber in Katy. Scheduling periodic professional drain cleaning by a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy will prevent most drain or sewer clogs. The majority of residential drainage systems will benefit from a professional drain cleaning every year or two, preventing clogs, back-up and even burst drains. Clean drains are efficient, odor free drains.

When you experience drain and/or sewer issues, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy will provide a video pipe inspection to identify and locate the issue. Once the problem is taken care of, our plumber will provide a free post video inspection to ensure the pipe is thoroughly clean and no other issues remain.

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