If you are tired of purchasing bottled water, and seeing plastic go to the landfill or the recycle bin, you should consider a water filtration system in Katy. In fact, it is likely the water you drink from a home filtration system is cleaner than your bottled water. Filtered water from bottling companies has seen several recalls in recent months and years. Simply stated, the water from your tap is likely to be cleaner than from many of the bottling companies.

That’s because the water supply for many cities and towns go through a rigorous treatment to remove bacteria, chemicals, and other impurities. In fact, the standards that municipal suppliers are held to, are much higher than those required of commercially bottled water.

Despite the measures municipal water supplies provide, the water that enters U.S. homes can still contain contaminants such as heavy metals lead, copper and arsenic, pesticides, herbicides, uranium, chlorine, bacteria, and more.

How They Get In Water

While the sources of water contamination are numerous, one of them is the water treatment facility itself. The chlorination process used to kill many of the dangerous bacteria and microbes in water results in chlorine in the water. Excess chlorine in water has been linked to an increase in cancer and damage to the immune system. The levels used are considered safe, but peaks may occur, especially if a malfunction occurs during the treatment process. Fortunately, a simple carbon water filtration system in Katy offers an effective solution to high chlorine levels.

Other contaminants enter the water supply through ground seepage when ground source water supplies a municipality’s water system. Rain seeps through the ground, leaching minerals and contaminates as it percolates down into underground reservoirs. Testing your water and the resulting water quality report will identify the contaminants in your water.

Bacteria and viruses can get into the water supply due to problems with sewage treatment, poorly maintained septic tanks, and contaminated waterways. Discharge of sewage into waterways can also lead to dangerous microbes in underground reservoirs and surface reservoirs.

Among the types of water filtration systems available, the most common is the carbon filtration system. These filters effectively remove the chlorine in municipal water, along with other contaminants, including chemicals, pesticides, and those that create unpleasant tastes and odors in water. For many households, this is the only water filtration system in Katy they need to obtain clear, sparkling clear water that tastes great.

However, for homeowners with a heavy metal or bacteria problem, a reverse osmosis system is the way to go.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is an exceedingly effective water filtration system in Katy that utilizes water pressure and a semi-permeable membrane to filter out contaminates. It removes chemicals, heavy metals such as arsenic, copper, and lead, biological contaminants such as bacteria and viruses, the toxins radium and asbestos, and a large amount of other contaminates, providing water that is 99% contaminate free.

However, dissolved solids, such as magnesium and calcium carbonate will pass through the membrane and into the water. Only a water softening system can extract dissolved minerals and can be added to your water in conjunction with a water filtration system in Katy.

However, a reverse osmosis system requires pre-treatment with carbon filtration to remove chlorine and chloramine before it reaches the membrane to avoid damage to it. A system that incorporates both a carbon filtration system and reverses osmosis provides high-quality water treatment, and safe, clean water to your home.

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